The iPhone Privacy Auction Commercial – The Music, and More!

Apple promotes the privacy power of their phones in a clever, entertaining ad featuring an auctioneer seeking bids on a woman’s personal data. Check it out below then scroll down for more info about the commercial.

The Music. This commercial actually features one album and two songs. In the beginning of the ad the woman is holding up a vinyl record, “Deepak Verbera” by Botany (released in 2016). The artist’s name and album title is a good example of what I write about in this post: Band Names… What Were They Thinking? But I digress. Here’s one of the songs off that record.

The Apple commercial doesn’t feature music from Botany’s album but it DOES include two songs from other artists I hadn’t heard of. The first piece of music is just for a few seconds in the beginning of the ad. It’s from 2019, “Playground” by More Giraffes and Sweater Beats.

The second song filling up the rest of the ad came out 60 years before the previous song. From 1959, it’s “Fantasy” by Esquival.

The Auctioneer. The gentleman performing the auction works for Dubiou’s Auctions. This is a play on words I didn’t catch the first time I saw the ad. Dubiou’s is actually “dubious,” which means: of doubtful quality or propriety; questionable. Quite fitting for the subject of the ad, don’t you think?

Do you like this ad from Apple? Does it convey the message of phone security the way they intended? Chime in below!

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-Out of the Wilderness

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