The Lexus LX 600 Commercial – The Music, Actors, and More!

Hey there and thanks for checking out this post about the Lexus LX 600 commercial. I’ve written about quite a few commercials so feel free to check out the Popular TV Ads page to find out more info about ads you may have seen on TV or streaming recently. Today’s post is about the beautiful Lexus LX 600 but more specifically, the music and actors featured in the ad below. Take a look, then scroll down for more info!

The Actors. Lexus highlights three different career types in the commercial… an athlete, an executive, and a surgeon. The athlete is played by actor/model Xavier Jimenez. Check out his impressive resume of acting credits on his IMDB page and be sure tofollow him on Instagram.

Xavier Jimenez

The executive is actress Mikaela Kim. You also might find her under the name Mikaela Jiyeon. Check out her Instagram for more from her everyday life.

Mikaela Kim

The surgeon is actor Josh Reynolds. Check out more from Josh on his Instagram page.

Josh Reynolds

The Music. Unfortunately we won’t be able to find this music on any streaming music app or for purchase anywhere. It’s an original score from a company of talented folks — Squeak E. Clean Studios — put together by creative director Zac Colwell. Zac said this was a “big percussion jam using live instruments.”

I’ll chime in here to say that live drums beat (get it?) an electronic drum kit all day every day. Don’t you think? They just sound better. Check out all the creative things Squeak E. Clean is doing by going to their website here.

I’ll end this post with one of Lexus’s first percussive TV commercials from 30 years ago. Here’s an ad for the LS 400.

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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