Band names… what were they thinking?

Sometimes the band names are so bad, it’s hard to tell which is the band, the song title, or the album title. Example below.

Know what I mean? I saw the one pictured above at the gym and I refuse to look up more about this band/song/album. I refuse to give in to their attempt at a clever band name. If you had to guess which was the band, which would you pick? Honestly, either of the 3 could be the band, song, or album!

A quick glance at the iTunes “All Categories” chart, the artists making up the top 20 all have clear band/artist names and I think there is something relevant about that. Most fans don’t want to be confused on which is a band name or a song title, right?

Here is another REAL band name:

Are there bands that make you wonder how they came up with their band name, and more importantly why? Chime in below with your least favorite favorites.

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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