Ironically, study finds blondes not offended by dumb blonde jokes

U.S. — Many thought in today’s cancel culture society that blonde jokes would be the next to go, but as of the day of this publication, blondes are not yet aware they should be offended. A study conducted by the University of Alabama in March showed that out of the 100 blondes registered to take part in the research, only 17 found the correct building and even less, 8, found the right room.

Researchers quizzed the blondes on various topics with questions like, how many of you use white out to correct something you’ve typed on the computer? If we drew a circle and told you to sit in the corner, where would you go? You need to dial 911. Where is the 11 button on your phone?

Data collected during the study will be used to help bring awareness to a growing problem in the country. Another study is scheduled for brunettes later this month, with speculation that being a “dumb blonde” is not limited to the color of a person’s hair. Adam Granger, an analyst involved in the research, says, “We’ve seen a fascinating decline in overall intelligence with the rise of things like the TikTok app, xx, and yy.” He also stated a specific study for redheads was not something they are willing to do because, in his words, “You do NOT want to piss off a redhead.”

One of the world’s most famous blondes has chimed in on the subject of dumb blonde jokes, so we will leave you with her thoughts.

I’m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I’m not dumb. I also know I’m not blonde.

Dolly Parton

-OTW News

Published by Ben Wilder

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