AirBnB Beautiful Stranger Commercial – The Music, the Dogs, and More!

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AirBnB’s family of monsters has quite a time in this ad. Plus, of course, a fitting song to go along with their adventures. Watch and listen to the extended version, then scroll down for more info…

The song used as the soundtrack for this commercial is “Beautiful Strangers” by Kevin Morby. Check out the full track below.

Dogs. In the ad, the hairy guests grab a record (Kevin Morby’s, conveniently), and behind that record is another album. It reads “Nelson Because They Can”.

This is their real album cover, although this record doesn’t include their most famous hit, “Can’t Live Without Your Love and Affection.”

The movie. The family is seen watching a movie, which is The Iron Giant.

Do you like this ad? Does the song go along well with the theme of strangers staying in someone’s home for a vacation? Chime in below and thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

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30 thoughts on “AirBnB Beautiful Stranger Commercial – The Music, the Dogs, and More!

  1. This is my new go-to happy place! Somehow I relate to the cute hairy family. It is perfect…such a fitting song too! I’ve had it rough lately, and I keep watching this because it makes me smile. I’m actually renovating my house to become a host by 2023. Thank you AirBnB creative team for a heartwarming, positive and refreshing commercial!

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  2. Love the song and the commercial. It got under my skin. I was looking for the ukulele chords when I found this page:)


  3. The song matches the subject perfectly and the nondescript “strangers” match what someone would feel and enjoy using Airbnb. Good job!


  4. Great song, I heard it this morning on the way to work. I just heard it again recently. That ad gets around. But the song took me back, in that I thought it was some undiscovered 60’s band that someone dug up for this commercial. But its a recent song by a guy who I just looked into. Interesting cat.


  5. Best commercial in years!!!!
    It gives me warm feels to see the Sasquatch family. I love their ear movements and gentle eyes. Music goes well with it. Very relaxing and makes me want to go for a hike in the woods.


  6. Best commercial in years!!!!
    It gives me warm fuzzies to see the Sasquatch family. I love the ear movements and gentle eyes. Music goes well with it. Very relaxing and makes me want to go hiking.


  7. I don’t get why a song that’s supposed to bring attention to gun violence is being used to promote vacation rentals.


  8. After listening to the song I was surprised at the theme, it really doesn’t fit the ad much. But it’s a beautiful, meaningful song.


  9. Love love love this song and his voice. Chased down the song using Shazam & purchased it this morning…. Haven’t done that in a loooong time. After listening to all the lyrics, I find its seriously sad because it’s about war or gun violence ~ didn’t expect that cuz the part used in the commercial makes me feel delightfully happy. Perhaps the adorable characters are the cause of my glow, but the song is so perfectly coupled.


    1. Same here. This ad puts me in a better frame of mind. I listen to it several times a day. I have it saved. Best advertisement, as I dislike commercials a great deal. Airbnb, Beautiful Strangers should win an award.


  10. Marketing receives an A+ for matching the Airbnb ad with the song, “Beautiful Strangers”.
    I love to listen to this song.


    1. Beautiful Strangers is by far the best video for a commercial, ever. If there are awards for commercials, this one should get it, hands down and thumbs up! The song, the creativity, absolutely awesome. I must have watched it at least 100 times if not more and I never get tired of it.


  11. I think this song goes perfectly with the whole theme if the commercial. Which is well done! Love caught my ears and my eyes…!


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