Kia Commercial – The Bear, The Eagle, and the Music

Wasn’t Kia a brand that people used as the butt of jokes about 10-15 years ago? I swear they were but look how far they’ve come, at least in regards to their style. The fleet of vehicles they’re manufacturing is simply beautiful and the Kia Sorrento fits right in. Check out an ad with the SUV, a bear, and an eagle.

A breakdown. I’m not going to say the eagle ruined this guy’s fishing trip but it definitely stole the thrill of the hunt from him. And what did the bear contribute? A whole lotta nothin’! This guy was trying to get away for a few hours and now there’s one less fish to waste time catching. Soon enough he’ll have to go back to normal life so the big bird kinda stole some solitude from the guy, too.

Can we talk about the awkwardness that is sure to happen after the fish was dropped at the guy’s feet? The eagle and the bear are just sitting there staring. Now what? Do they join him while he’s fishing? Does he offer them a few bites of the fish? I’m sure they don’t hang out together often, this bear and eagle, so do they quietly go their separate ways? What’s this guy supposed to do now, say “thank you”? It’s not like the bear or eagle know English, anyway. I guess the ad is saying that KIA makes a good man. How, you might be asking? Well, it’s all about the music…

The Music. The soundtrack of this commercial is a song called “What Makes a Good Man?” by The Heavy. Here’s the full song…

The Heavy is an English band probably most well-known from their song “How You Like Me Now?”

Follow them on Instagram here: @theheavy and you can find more of their music on YouTube here.

Do you like the commercial from Kia? Have you ever notice their new logo isn’t perfectly designed? Chime in below…

-Out of the Wilderness


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