Anne Heche tries to get off stretcher?

I’ve been fascinated by the Anne Heche car accident situation. First of all, it’s just so sad. She was in a wig shop earlier in the day and by the day’s end, she’s gone. Or to be more factually accurate, almost gone. She was declared brain dead a few days later but being kept alive for possible organ donation (can someone with a drug addiction be an organ donor?). I watched a video of her speeding through a neighborhood, recorded on a Ring doorbell camera.

And then there’s the helicopter footage capturing the confusion mixed with the work of the EMS and firefighters. The house she crashed into is mostly obscured by trees but soon the paramedics emerge with a body on a stretcher. Obviously at this point in the story no one (or at least just a handful) knew it was Anne, especially those in the helicopter (why the narrator says “he” instead of “she”). It’s like a scene from an action movie, so there’s the fact that most of us are desensitized to this horrific type of situation. But then my heart rate immediately went up when the person laying on the stretcher being rushed into the ambulance pops up dramatically. Here’s the helicopter video…

I was creeped out the first time seeing this. Now, after a few days of processing and watching it again (and reading many comments about it), I think she’s in pain. She sits up and reaches to her legs/feet, possibly because they’re hurting. The response, as stated by some comments on YouTube, etc, is a biological reaction to a traumatic event. Evidently this is common after major accidents and when drugs are involved, who knows how the body will react.

Side note: There was a YouTube comment addressing how trivial the situation is with Will Smith (and his apology to Chris Rock) in light of this much more serious situation and it dawned on me then… who cares about the Oscar drama from that childish slap? The comment was spot on. Also, there are Anne Heche conspiracy theorists popping up everywhere. More on that here.

Ok, so here are my closing thoughts about the Anne Heche car crash and death. Her final moments, especially the scene on the stretcher, will stick with me for awhile. We aren’t promised tomorrow and every day I’m alive, that fact sinks in more and more.

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12 thoughts on “Anne Heche tries to get off stretcher?

    1. It was later found that No Drugs or alcohol were in her system.

      The actions of the paramedics are suspect.

      Was her car hijacked by RF controllers? You

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  1. My question is why was she not strapped on a back board and have her neck and head stabilized after being in such a bad crash? That’s pretty standard procedure until full examination and possible MRI at the hospital rules out neck injury.


  2. But for someone who was burned badly, her t shirt was intact, no burn marks on her back or arms and she had a full head of hair. It does not make sense


  3. the way she sat up, no leg movement….and how she ripped through the white cover they had her in. My first thought was that someone was coming out of the ambulance, onto the stretcher, distraught with sadness.


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