Subaru’s Adorable Weiner Dog Commercial …and More!

I’ve posted about Subaru before with their “Underdog” commercial (that may or may not have made me tear up AGAIN just looking for the link) and now they’re back with an ad that won’t have you crying, but instead laughing. Take a look…

Dachshunds have long been called weiner dogs or hot dogs, so this ad playfully plays into that endearing trait of the long dogs. When a group of golden-colored dogs pull up to a hot dog trailer called “Wanna Wienie” with the slogan “If you wanna wienie, just speak,” they bark and the hot dogs are served. Then a little family of Dachshunds appear, and appear offended at the sight of these other dogs shamelessly sitting by a plateful of yummy hot dogs.

A growl rumbles from one of the bigger wiener dogs and if you’ve ever been around this breed, you know how accurate that is! Adorable little things, but as feisty as can be.

The hungry dogs think twice once the two little pups make a connection, then they drive away in their Subaru Crosstrek, “Dog tested. Dog approved.”

In a related Subaru ad, a young golden retriever and a friend stop at a stop light when a cop car pulls up next to them. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The nerves going haywire!

Do you like these ads from Subaru? Does it make you love Subaru even more, or more importantly, do you love dogs twice as much as you did before the ads? Chime in below and thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


Published by Ben Wilder

Since 2005, I've called Nashville home. I'm the leader of the pack, which includes a 13-year-old beagle and an 11-year-old blue heeler mix. My days include writing, video editing, and other fun activities. Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy it!

One thought on “Subaru’s Adorable Weiner Dog Commercial …and More!

  1. Subaru commercials are the best on tv today. I cannot get enough of the dogs. They are creative, adorable and heartwarming. Keep up the good work!

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