Do These Obnoxious Spectrum Commercials Work?

A few new ads from Spectrum highlight a question I’ve had for a long time. In these ads, their spokesman (actor John Hoogenakker, who’s also a voice for Chevrolet) goes around interrupting people as they go about their day. Here’s one such ad…

OK, so I get it that the commercials are meant for humor but in each scene of this ad (and other similar ads, too), he’s disruptive, irritating, and noisy. I don’t want to be part of whatever he’s selling and in this case it’s Spectrum internet. Their latest ad shows actor John getting on an elevator and after briefly talking to the other passengers, he proceeds to press the buttons for every single floor. Strictly and absolutely, this is only funny when Buddy the Elf does it… because it comes from a childlike innocence that’s endearing.

This same action from an adult who knows better is 100% annoying. There are no two ways about it, so can anyone from an advertising background explain how this type of campaign is a good idea? I’m not saying people will reject the idea of getting Spectrum solely based on these ads, but I also don’t see any return on investment, either. I mean, who’s going to watch this commercial and say, “Oh wow, I’ve GOT to go get Spectrum!” No one.

In fact, in regards to the commercial above where he’s interrupting everyone, YouTube comments are a lot more naughty than they are nice, and I must agree.

What are you feelings about the Spectrum commercials? Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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