The Amazon Christmas Boxes Commercial – The Music and the Singer

It’s so fitting that one of my final posts of 2022 would be about a commercial. I’ve discovered that I love researching ads and relaying info to you, the reader! I’ve written quite a bit about Amazon because they seem to always have great actors and memorable music in their ads. This time is really no different as they wrap up their holiday ads with one called “Boxes: Amazon Thank You Ad.” Check it out below then scroll down for more info about the voice behind the song!

The Voice. Performing in this acapella song is singer Naomi Banks. It’s hard not to love her voice, right? You can find out a lot more about her by following her on Instagram (@NaomiBanksOfficial) and binging through her YouTube videos here.

The Boxes. This is a clever ad because we all have cardboard boxes. Big, small, crumpled, chewed by mice in the attic, and yet we keep them. Or is that just me? These boxes hold everything from Christmas decorations to stuff we haven’t looked at since high school. They might even be reused next Christmas to put new presents in before wrapping them. I suppose this is the best, most ecological way to recycle, isn’t it?

While it’s already a nostalgic reminder the Christmas season is over, it’s still a good ad. Save your boxes, you never know when you’ll need one, or when a mouse will need a snack this winter.

Be sure to show Naomi some love, too, on Instagram and YouTube! Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness


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