Music from the Ally Bank “Allies” ad – sports, Olympics, and more!

Ally has a new, and timely, ad out featuring sporty inspiration in these times where we’re watching and celebrating the 2021 2020 Olympics. Take a look…

If this ad doesn’t give you chills, you are a terrible person and you need to go sit in the corner. Meanwhile, the rest of us can listen to the full song called “No Ordinary” by Labrinth.

The sports. This minute-long ad features the following sports: pole vault, boxing, diving, gymnastics, wrestling, track/hurdles, soccer, and swimming.

Who is Amy Blondell? The clip of the pole vault shows a woman named Amy Blondell. I’m guessing it’s either a name they randomly picked, or some sort of inside joke the rest of use don’t know about.

Olympics. I saw this ad during 2020 Olympics coverage, and so obviously I associate all the clips of sports in the commercial with the Olympics. However, in the ad there are no mentions of the Olympics, its logos, rings, or famous household names. In fact, all these sports most likely happened at the same sports complex. Yes, I dissected each clip for location markers. This could have all been shot at a large high school, but by using a great song and capturing heartwarming moments in sports, we think Olympics, we think winning, we think big. All while subtle hints of Ally sink into our subconscious.

Ally gets a gold medal for this ad!

What do you think? Chime in below, and be sure to check out all the ads I’ve researched on my TV Commercials page.

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-Out of the Wilderness

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