Music from the Ally Bank “Allies” ad – sports, Olympics, and more!

Ally has a new, and timely, ad out featuring sporty inspiration in these times where we’re watching and celebrating the 2021 2020 Olympics. Take a look… If this ad doesn’t give you chills, you are a terrible person and you need to go sit in the corner. Meanwhile, the rest of us can listen toContinue reading “Music from the Ally Bank “Allies” ad – sports, Olympics, and more!”

Church is cancelled??

The coronavirus is now reaching the Heavenly realms! I guess this tiny little planet just wasn’t enough, was it, you little rascal? I found out the church I attend will not be having services to prevent large gatherings of people. I totally understand. Can you imagine if this happened during the NFL season? Would theyContinue reading “Church is cancelled??”