The Coke Christmas Commercial – Goodwill, Ghosts, and Gatherings

Coca-Cola has created a nostalgic niche in the United States. Just the other day I was in a thrift store that even had an entire shelf dedicated to Coke, and only Coke. When’s the last time you saw that for Pepsi, right? So then is it any surprise that Coke has a warm, family-oriented commercial this season? Check it out below then scroll down for more info!

The Past. Coke had a theatrical ad a couple of years ago that I loved. It was during the height of the pandemic so we saw a lone man braving his way around the world to deliver a letter to Santa. I wrote up a little blog about the ad here.

Ready, Set, Ghost. Speaking of “the past,” this 2022 ad from Coke doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not that I don’t like it. Certainly family is important to me, it’s the entire reason I moved from Tennessee to Florida about a year ago. But the commercial doesn’t show much warmth between the guy cooking and the older woman, who evidently wrote the recipe. Her “interaction” with him is more stern than it is loving. I use the word interaction loosely because, as we see at the end of the ad, the woman is dead. Her spirit lives on through the things, and people, she left behind. That’s a nice sentiment. I wish the ad captured the sweetness of their relationship instead of presenting her as a hard-nosed and strict mother.

Do you like Coke’s contribution to the Christmas commercials this year? Comment below and thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness


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10 thoughts on “The Coke Christmas Commercial – Goodwill, Ghosts, and Gatherings

  1. I felt kindness and love and the desire to uphold the integrity of her recipes… I just want to know what was the main dish he prepared …


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