A year ago today

Hi there! If you’re new to the site, I post every day at 1pm central. It started as something to challenge myself with in 2020. Now, I feel weird imaging how I’d go through a day without posting something. In fact, I’ve posted something daily through 2020, 2021, and plan to do it for theContinue reading “A year ago today”

The WordPress “Classic Block” window pop-up, and other things I don’t understand

For a few months now, when I open up WordPress to start writing about Super Bowl commercials, music, or even hilarious satire, I get this pop-up announcing a new way of putting a post together. There are two problems with this… This new style of post is no longer new. They’ve had the “block editor”Continue reading “The WordPress “Classic Block” window pop-up, and other things I don’t understand”

Out of the Wilderness: 2020 in review

I set out at the beginning of 2020 to write a blog post every day of the year and I am very happy to say that I posted MORE than 365 times. Every day at 1pm there was something new on the site, whether you liked or not is a gray area but I’m soContinue reading “Out of the Wilderness: 2020 in review”

Writing a blog every day of 2020 – how it’s going – an update – part 2 – again

Some of you know that for 2020 I’ve been posting a blog every single day, sometimes twice a day for Out of the Wilderness. We are now late in November, only weeks to go and it’s been really fun to have this goal, AND be so close to finishing it! Along the way, I’ve writtenContinue reading “Writing a blog every day of 2020 – how it’s going – an update – part 2 – again”

How I pick what to write about each day

Every now and then I’ll get asked a question that I sometimes have trouble answering. It’s actually funny to me because I’ve seen a trend in my life that goes right along with the subject matter in Out of the Wilderness…. and it’s this: Everything. Now, you might be asking yourself, “How is ‘everything’ aContinue reading “How I pick what to write about each day”