would you rather buy new or used?

I put up an informal poll on Facebook to see what my friends like to buy new vs. used. The reason I did this is because one night when I should have been sleeping, I wondered how many things most people buy used. I would guess cars are the most common used thing people buy,Continue reading “would you rather buy new or used?”

I Heart Dave Ramsey

When I’m in the car with the radio on around lunch time, I make a concerted effort to listen as Dave Ramsey (102.5 in Nashville) dishes out advice on how to live with money. It started years ago for me, because, well, first of all, I’m financially conservative (In college, I called it being cheap.Continue reading “I Heart Dave Ramsey”

Spending vs. Saving: What To Do About Money

“Spenders are proud of how much they spend, savers are proud of how much they save, but neither are happy. Spenders are never satisfied and savers are never comfortable.” I can admit now that when I was in college, I wasn’tt frugal. I was cheap! If there was a way to save rather than spend,Continue reading “Spending vs. Saving: What To Do About Money”

Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Episode 10. The Next Bachelor Revealed?

Last night’s episode, “The Men Tell All” “Welcome The Next Bachelor: Kirk DeWindt.” Despite rumors that he’s dating Jessie Sulidis (yes, the former Jake-season contestant that outed Justin Rego), Kirk will be the next Bachelor. Please note that I haven’t read any spoilers, this is all based on my instinct and cold, hard evidence. I’ll explain now.Continue reading “Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Episode 10. The Next Bachelor Revealed?”