If You’re A Broke Alcoholic

“Money will make you more of who you are. If you’re a broke alcoholic, you’ll be a rich alcoholic. I had a $15,000 bed but couldn’t get any sleep. I had 10 cars but wasn’t going anywhere.” To have a list of “favorite quotes” is fairly common. If you need proof, sign up for anyContinue reading “If You’re A Broke Alcoholic”

Spending vs. Saving: What To Do About Money

“Spenders are proud of how much they spend, savers are proud of how much they save, but neither are happy. Spenders are never satisfied and savers are never comfortable.” I can admit now that when I was in college, I wasn’tt frugal. I was cheap! If there was a way to save rather than spend,Continue reading “Spending vs. Saving: What To Do About Money”