Why we care about AMBER Alerts

amber1n-3-webOne of the top stories (at least in Nashville) is the recent disappearance of a girl under the age of 17, which drew an AMBER Alert warning. She’s reportedly with one of her school teachers and they’ve both been missing for a few weeks now. For more information and the history of the AMBER Alert click here.

There are a few reasons news like this makes headlines. The most important, obviously, is that a child is involved. When some poor innocent soul is preyed upon, it makes anyone with half a heart outraged, and rightly so. It’s just sick what adults will do sometimes. I think most people get that. Don’t mess with kids!

Another reason these types of stories gain attention is that just like in the movies, people want a rescue. A happy ending. A hero.

There’s something wired deep in the human soul that longs for a hero.

When a hero rises, the child is returned safely to their family, and the guilty party receives justice, that’s when everyone can exhale a sigh of relief, and by golly, give the hero a standing ovation! Unfortunately it doesn’t always end that way because the world we live in has evil in it, too. There’s disappointment. Heartache. Despair. And villains like this guy in the news who probably thinks he’s a hero.

Recent updates show that the two haven’t even been spotted in the last few weeks. And now her mom has filed for divorce from her dad. Talk about drama. Talk about mystery. The story has it all.

It has a main character. It has intrigue. It has a villain. Now all it needs is the hero or heroes to show up and save the day. Let’s hope and pray law enforcement is making progress every day to solve the case. Meanwhile, the hero could be you so keep your eyes pealed for the pair, you might be part of the happy ending everyone is hoping for!

-Out of the Wilderness

My new life as a villain

“Water only makes me stronger!” – Salt Water Guy

“Hi ya!” – Recess Rebel

Author and friend Nick Shell (family friendly daddy blog) enlisted the help of Salt Water Guy and Recess Rebel to help defeat the mighty Jack-man. A task not taken lightly by either villain.

Recess Rebel
Recess Rebel
Salt Water Guy
Salt Water Guy

Check out the videos below to find out if my characters, along with Green Meanie and Playground Ninja are able to overtake the superhero.