I Heart Dave Ramsey

When I’m in the car with the radio on around lunch time, I make a concerted effort to listen as Dave Ramsey (102.5 in Nashville) dishes out advice on how to live with money. It started years ago for me, because, well, first of all, I’m financially conservative (In college, I called it being cheap.Continue reading “I Heart Dave Ramsey”

Spending vs. Saving: What To Do About Money

“Spenders are proud of how much they spend, savers are proud of how much they save, but neither are happy. Spenders are never satisfied and savers are never comfortable.” I can admit now that when I was in college, I wasn’tt frugal. I was cheap! If there was a way to save rather than spend,Continue reading “Spending vs. Saving: What To Do About Money”

What In The K%!$#tchen Is Going On?

The next time you go into your kitchen, notice what it reveals about your personality. A lot can be determined about a person by what’s found in their kitchen.