Switching to AT&T Fiber… biggest mistake of my adult life

I’ve had AT&T Fiber for about a week and I’ve come to this conclusion:

I’m basically paying $60/month to NOT have internet.

In fact, this post is happening by using the hotspot on my phone. You know there’s a problem when your phone’s hotspot is what you rely on when you definitely pay for home internet! This has become what I see throughout the day when I try to do anything on my computer.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 9.24.01 AM

Hulu and YouTube show different error messages than Safari, but they all mean the same thing: I’m paying AT&T to keep me offline. How many people can say that? Actually, probably a lot of people can, based on reviews I’ve seen. There are so many message boards out there with people trying to figure out how to fix the issues but my best guess is I just need to cut my losses and go back to Xfinity.

I know one thing for sure: this is NOT the freedom our forefathers promised us. I never thought I’d miss Xfinity so much. I’ll have updates soon, that is, if I can connect to the internet to make new blog posts!

Oi vey.

-Out of the Wilderness


Remembering the Nashville flood… and what I regret to this very day!

I can still remember it as clear as day, which is rather ironic because on this day, it was anything but clear. It rained. I don’t mean on and off rain… it rained all afternoon. And then it rained all day the next day. Nashville was experiencing what will be record-setting setting rainfall causing floods around middle Tennessee.

On day 1 of the rain, Saturday, I was doing a volunteer thing my church had put together. As I recall, we were at a school painting and cleaning and sweeping and all that fun stuff. I think I remember the weather being cloudy but not much rain on my way to the school. On the way home a few hours later the rain had already begun. So much that there were already police and firefighters at certain intersections making sure everyone could navigate the intersection because a nearby parking lot was beginning to flood. Here’s a quick video I recorded on my phone.

But it was at the school gymnasium where something crazy happened.

I so wish I had this one video but sometime around lunch we all took a break from the work inside the school. There were a few basketballs laying around so we started shooting, and some of us were trying half-court shots. Of course, most of our shots were unsuccessful.

Well, I’m not lying at all when I say this… I heaved up a half-court shot and it looked promising. As it descended, as if it were edited in a studio somewhere, just as the ball ripped through the basket the loudest clap of thunder boomed. The timing was perfect and everyone there was startled by what just happened.

It was pretty wild, and I know a video would be much more entertaining for you, but you’ll just have to cope however you can :/ I’ve been coping for 10 years. I still remember that moment as if it was yesterday. Such perfect timing and to make the shot, too, was magical 🙂

Nashville went on to get double digit rain totals (in inches) and the week following this rain I didn’t go to work at all because the basement of the downtown building where I worked flooded. It was a devastating week for a lot of folks, and now, 10 years later, the event is still remembered with somber thoughts……..

…….and regret for not asking someone to record my half-court shot!

Out of the Wilderness

2020 Land Rover Discovery… what happened?

THAT’S a Discovery? Ewww!

I recently was at a stoplight next to an SUV that looked new; I didn’t recognize it by the body style. The only thing that gave it away was the word “Discovery” spanning the width of the rear end.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 9.32.38 AM
image from WildeCars.com

All I could think in that moment was, “What? This looks like almost every other SUV out there! What happened to the old Discovery trucks that stood out in a crowd?” Remember these….

imaged sourced here

So much more original, right? Looking back, I think the brand began conforming to a common body style in the late 90s with the Freelander but what I saw yesterday was such a disappointment. No originality. No personality.

It looks more like a new Kia Sportage than the Discoveries in its lineage. And to be totally honest, I’d get a Kia before I’d get a Land Rover, even if they were sold at the same price! The Kia Telluride is a beautiful SUV.

I can’t speak to the mechanics of the Discovery (engine, interior features, etc) so maybe some of that still sets it apart from other SUVs in its class. However, when it comes to the wow factor, the “safari” look… that’s long gone. I guess they saw a brighter future building SUVs that fit in on the streets of LA, not the mountain trails.

-Out of the Wilderness

3 different ways to use your stimulus money

Among all the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting bank accounts all across the country in the form of stimulus checks. Some folks have or will have a direct deposit while others, like me, have an actual old-fashioned check. Why I got a check when the IRS definitely has my account and routing numbers I’ll never understand but anyway… I guess that’s the efficiency of government for ya 🙂

stimulus check

Before tearing open the envelope I paused to consider 3 options, 3 routes to take with this new money. I know there are many options and a million wrinkles to the scenario but take a look at the ideas below and let me know what you think! 

1. For those with any kind of loan… Put all of the money towards the loan principle (probably the wisest decision) – by doing this you’re reducing your monthly payments in a long run. Everything about this decision screams wise, mature, smart. 

2. For anyone who’s a fan of risky business… Put the entire sum in stocks (risky, but more fun than option #1) – if you were happy before the money, you’ll be happy after even if you lose it. Or if you have some luck, it’ll multiply in the stock market. 

3. Noteworthy piece of memorabilia… How about the most risky choice – DON’T OPEN THE ENVELOPE! This option is obviously more far-fetched than option #1 or #2, but maybe you’d like to take a gamble that in 30 or 40 or 50 years the unopened envelope containing the stimulus check might be worth more than the check amount. Thinking about auction value for historic documents, etc. Obviously, this is a very unconventional choice, and most risky because at some point the check will be out of date and it could very well be worth $0 in 30, 40, or 50 years.

What is your heart telling you? There are other ways to take action with the stimulus money not discussed above but I thought these 3 options were quite interesting. What is your heart telling you? What unconventional ideas do you have? Chime in below and thanks for stopping by! 

-Out of the Wilderness

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden: Facts Over Fiction

This phrase is something I’ve heard a number of times within the Biden camp. Today I heard it again, this time from the one and only Hillary Clinton.

Facts over fiction.

There are a few things I find disturbing and/or ironic in this endorsement of Joe Biden for the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. But the only thing I’ll mention in this post is the irony in the lower thirds of both of these folks. Facts over fiction… and they’re listed as “Vice President” and “Secretary”! Hahahaha! What is it, 2009? How hard is it to include “Former” in each of their name tags?

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 10.56.48 AM

It’s a circus out there, folks.

-Out of the Wilderness

Billie Eilish picking up where Lorde left off?

I will be starting this post with a completely unsubstantiated claim:

Billie Eilish is the new Lorde. 

OK, so now I’ll try to back this claim up with data.

Lorde pretty much fell off the map back in 2018 after her sophomore album, “Melodrama,” was released in 2017. To date, it’s sold under a million whereas her first album (“Pure Heroine,” 2013) blew up all the charts and has since sold over 4 million.

Enter Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish’s debut album came in 2019 and, like Lorde’s first album, has slaughtered the charts. She has a couple of big hits from that album and is basically the belle of the ball at this point. Both Billie and Lorde were 17 years old when their first albums debuted. Lorde was 21 years old when her second album was released, and as of this post Billie Eilish does not have a second album made public.

I don’t feel like looking into this anymore. 🙂

But in my mind, Billie Eilish has picked up where Lorde left off. What are your thoughts? Will Billie’s second album be as well received as her first, or will it slump like Lorde’s second album did?

Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness