A black woman has a 27% chance of winning The Bachelor (after episode 1)

Peter the Pilot started off with 30 women who all apparently think he’s the perfect man to marry, or at least date for a few weeks on national TV. Among the 30 competitors, there were 7 black women, 20 white, and 3 were Asian.

During episode 1, there was a rose ceremony where 8 women were sent home. With that in mind, here are the numbers and a few statistics on the women still on the show.

Black women: 6 (down from 7 in ep 1)

Asian women: 2 (down from 3 in ep 1)

White women: 14 (down from 20 in ep 1)

Of the white women, 6 are brunette, 7 are blonde, and 1 is a red head.

These numbers compute the following stats…

A white woman has a 63.6% chance of winning, down 3% since ep 1.

A black woman has a 27.3% chance of winning, up 4% since ep 1.

An Asian woman has a 9.1% chance of winning, down 0.9% since ep 1.

For statistics before episode 1 aired, click here.
-Out of the Wilderness

My word of the year, 2020

IMG_20200108_213324 copyI rarely pick just one word to be my theme for any given year, but 2020’s word just kind of happened. It all began around Christmastime last year and as the pot stirred, this word bubbled up to the top. I’m hoping it relates to my life in a few ways… work, relationships, and any other way I can’t even foresee right now.


Hoping and praying and begging and anticipating and living and loving and enjoying and remembering and putting all my eggs in this basket for 2020. Here’s to a great year of BREAKTHROUGH for me, for you, for your family, for my family, your friends, my friends, your enemies, my enemies, those we love and those we can barely tolerate… may it be a year of breakthrough in our relationships with each other, with the Lord, and with ourselves!

-Out of the Wilderness

Our bodies: the little space heaters that could!

You want to hear something crazy? Our human bodies are warm. Now before you laugh and think, “Ok, so what!” think about it… these complex, fragile-yet-durable bodies we live in are warm but not only that, we emit heat. I know that’s probably something we learned in elementary school, but that doesn’t make it any less fascinating. This body heat is why a room of people will get warm and you sometimes need to open a window or crack a door. It’s why we wear coats in the winter, to keep as much of our own heat close to our body.

I’m not a scientist so you’ll have to forgive me for that, but what is it in or on our bodies that produce heat? Well, a quick Google search shows that it comes from cells, organs, chemical reactions, etc. You can look it up too, if you want, but my point is this… the heat created inside our bodies somehow gives off warmth outside our bodies so others can feel it. It’s amazing.

So as I was pondering this not long ago, I wondered how an evolutionist would explain it. Wouldn’t a person or race of people who lives in a tropical climate eventually evolve away from this body heat characteristic? And perhaps folks in northern climates evolve into beings that produce more heat?

I believe in a supreme creator, God, and He’s the most amazing designer. The human body is mind-boggling in it’s complexity, and yet we go about our days thinking about a million other things. Have you ever thought about how we are waterproof? Water doesn’t just gush into us, or pour out of us… and yet we can sweat, and absorb water through our skin. My goodness. And don’t even get me started on how we can easily walk on two legs but what if we were dogs? I can’t imagine being able to manage 4 legs everywhere I go! But my dogs haven’t stepped in poop their entire lives.

Anyway, this whole heat thing is just another seemingly small detail and yet at the same time, affects a lot of things we do. Gee wiz, He’s thought of everything, hasn’t He?

-Out of the Wilderness

Why I don’t drink much alcohol but I’m mostly ok of you do

Raised as a Southern Baptist Christian, I always thought any drinking was wrong. It’s not necessarily my parents that taught me that, just the culture that existed in the Baptist church in the 80s and 90s.

So when I became an adult I still believed drinking alcohol was wrong, or even a sin. Naturally, I didn’t drink because of that. As the years have gone by my opinion on drinking has changed and I think that’s a good thing. Instead of just blindly believing one thing or another, I’m learning why I am the way I am in this area.

It mostly started when I moved to Nashville and began making friends, and some of those friends (who were/are Christians) would drink a beer at a party, or drink a glass of wine at dinner or a special event. I wondered if they were just rebelling, or was this issue less black and white than I’d grown up believing?

Long story short, I rarely drink except at special events like a wedding and I’m mostly OK if you drink, too.

For the longest time I was uncomfortable when anyone asked why I don’t drink or if it’s OK if they drink while I’m around. I didn’t want to come across judgy or “holier than thou.” The truth is I can’t stand the taste of any alcohol I’ve ever tried. White wine? Red wine? Shots? Whiskey? Beer? They’re all gross to me! no offense ūüôā

So do I have a problem with you drinking? Probably not. But the other day it occurred to me that there is a scenario where I would have a problem with you or me drinking… and here it is:

Why are you drinking? If it’s because you like the taste or it helps you relax, fine. But if it’s covering up or helping you escape real life… well then yes that’s something I wouldn’t support, for you or for me. Because what you drink isn’t as much of an issue as what it’s masking (if anything).

I remember when this ‘aha’ moment came to me, and I’m glad it did because to know the reason behind someone downing a glass of wine or chugging a beer, I have to know that person better than an acquaintance. It’s a challenge for me to be more social, and to be a better friend.

I remember traveling with a crew from CMT where we’d have a remote shoot in Arizona, or California, or some tiny town in Kentucky. I loved spending time with them because they were all genuinely good people. In fact, lots of times one of them would buy a round of shots for the group and we’d have some sort of moment where we all raised a glass for a toast (usually before the shoot because afterwards we were exhausted and just wanted a long sleepy date with the hotel bed!). These moments were instrumental in my thoughts on drinking, as well, because each time I had a choice. Would I join the crew in the toast, and take a shot of the throat-burning, mouth-tingling drink of choice, or be so rigid that I can’t bond with them in this way? I sincerely believe sitting out would do more damage to my relationships with these men and women than joining in and creating memories from these memorable trips.

What are your thoughts on alcohol? Have you experienced anything you’re willing to share about why you drink, or why you don’t drink? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!

-Out of the Wilderness


The Art of Racing in the Rain… movie review (warning: spoilers!)

Oh my goodness, this movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. Especially if you’re a lover of dogs. I will warn you though, it’s one that will have you sniffling and wiping away tears more than once… unless you’re one of those cat people. Hee hee meow.

The Art of Racing in the Rain¬†was a book before it was a movie, and one which I read a few years back. Sidenote: one of the best books I’ve ever read! So when my friend told me it was becoming a movie I had mixed feelings. Not because I wouldn’t want to see it, but the opposite! I knew I’d want to see it but wasn’t sure about going through the heart wrenching parts again.

The movie was in theaters, I didn’t go. Then it went to DVD, I didn’t buy. But then I mustered up some courage and brought home the DVD. Even then, it took me a few days to muster up more courage to watch the movie. I don’t know what it is, but any movie about a dog really gets to me. Short tangent: I still remember watching Benji as a young boy and being so affected by it. There was a scene where the family was moving away but just before they left the house for the last time, Benji escaped. They couldn’t find him so they got in the station wagon and were leaving for good. Then Benji returns home and is running behind their station wagon, like “Don’t forget me!” Whew, that was a memorable scene. Rant:¬†Who moves away without their dog? That should be a crime! Maybe that family was more into cats. Hee hee meow.

I knew going into this movie I’d have to have my big boy pants on.

Well, I made it through pretty much OK! There was humor, drama, sadness, thrills, and love. The perfect recipe for a great movie… and great book, too. It had been a while since I read the book so I was happy to not remember every little detail, which helped make the movie “new” in a way.

There were 3 dogs that played the part of Enzo and I was so impressed with them. I watched the DVD extra about these dogs and it’s really impressive how well they were trained, and how the handlers worked with them to get the emotion and action they wanted for the film. Even while I was watching the movie, I thought many times, “Wow, the dog is showing such genuine emotion, this is great!” It never looked fake, ever.

I haven’t had any spoilers yet, but now I simply must share my favorite scene. Very near to the end of the movie, Denny (the main male character) is driving a vintage Ferrari with Enzo buckled in as the passenger. As wind blows through his ears and fur, Enzo is reflecting on his life with Denny and their family. His narration pauses, and Denny steers the car around the track, looks over to Enzo and says, “You’ve been a good friend. A real good friend.” Oh my goodness. Another cat slam: If that scene doesn’t cut right through your heart then you must be one of those cat lovers. Hee hee meow.

You definitely need to watch the movie, and snuggle up with your furry loved ones while you do. Ruff ruff!

-Out of the Wilderness

A short response to Peanut Butter Falcon- no spoilers!

At some point before watching a movie months and months ago a trailer for The¬†Peanut Butter Falcon played and, well, they had me at peanut butter. I’m just being honest. As the trailer went, I was more and more into it. The synopsis as it showed in the trailer wasn’t about some specific huge dramatic event, but just showing bits and pieces of the journey the characters were on. Here’s the trailer.

The movie stars Zack Gottsagen, Shia LaBeouf, and Dakota Johnson.

What an adventure they went on. Having a Down Syndrome sister, I’m always curious how the acting will be with a Down Syndrome actor. I’ll explain. When I talk with my sister, there are certain natural ways she’ll respond and react. Just like everyone actually haha So when an actor has lines in a movie, the writers job (and the actors) is to make that character seem as real as real life, does that make sense? It’s not Leonardo DiCaprio playing a poor boy who snuck onto the Titanic, we’re watching Jack on the adventure of his life.

So when Zack is performing in this movie, will it be the way a person with Down syndrome would naturally respond, or did it come across as reading lines? That’s something else I think when I see kid actors in movies or on TV. Sometimes you can tell the lines are written by adults because kids would never say the things they end up having to say as scripted.¬†Well, after watching, Zack did an amazing job! It was fun to follow along with his adventure in the movie. There were moments I was laughing, cheering, and even my heart breaking when he was delivering his lines, it was truly great!

Then there’s Shia LaBeouf. I’ve been a fan since “Even Stevens” on the Disney Channel way back when. He’s definitely one of my favorite actors and in this movie, he didn’t disappoint. Same with Zack, there are certain ways people will react to things in real life, and it’s a director/writer/actor’s job to capture that in an acting role. For Shia, he’s just so darn believable. He reacts the way a person in real life would react and I love that about him. Check the trailer at 1:58 and notice Shia’s reaction to what Zack was doing. I guarantee you the script didn’t say- “bounce up and down slightly,” but Shia reacts how most people would in that situation.¬†It’s just so real and natural. There are a few scenes where he, Zack, and Dakota are ¬†floating on a raft and the conversations were like they didn’t rehearse at all. It was just 3 people talking who happened to be part of a movie. I hope that makes sense! Shia has always acted that way, it’s why I liked him in Even Stevens.

So the acting is great, including Dakota who played the more straight, strict character. The movie overall is one you need to see. Note that there is some language so it’s not best suited for young kids, but the message is fantastic and heartwarming, down to the very last scene which I really want to mention, but I won’t. Just rent it or get it from the library or stream it or whatever you need to do to watch it. Afterwards, let me know what you think.

I’m off to get a spoonful of peanut butter, thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

A white woman has a 66% chance of winning the Bachelor this season

The new season is almost upon us and with all the busyness of the December holidays, episode 1 has definitely snuck up on me. This season has Peter in the cockpit with not 25, but 30!!!! ladies calmly buckled in as his love passengers. Does anyone know when they switched from 25 to 30 contestants? I mean, goodness gracious that’s a lot! I vaguely remember one season a few years back they promoted it as having 5 more than usual, but it seems like the norm to have 30 now.

Here’s a list of the contestants if you care to take a look.

Breaking it down by the numbers, there are 7 woman who look to be black or at least mixed race, 3 of Asian decent, and the rest white, 20.

Of those white ladies, 9 are brunette, 10 are blonde, and 1 is a red-head.

If my math is correct, and it rarely ever was in school, that gives a white woman around a 67% chance of winning, a black woman has a 23% chance, and the Asian ladies are at 10%. But numbers don’t really matter when it comes to love. Peter takes flight Monday night and I’m sure there will be dozens of flight/pilot/airline jokes so please return your seat to it’s upright position, turn off all your devices, and let’s fly the friendly skies of The Bachelor together.

If you’re interested in reading recaps of each new episode, kindly respond below to let me know!

-Out of the Wilderness