I’ve done the impossible… and beyond!

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I’ve done it! Just last weekend I accomplished the Impossible. Flying with birds? Nope. Walking on water? Not yet. Holding my breath for more than a minute? Uh uh. Wow, now having the Impossible Burger from Burger King sounds so anticlimactic. But folks… the announcement is… drum roll please…

I ordered the Impossible Whopper at Burger King!

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Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

The occasion was to celebrate family visiting for a short stay as they passed through town. Some of us got McDonald’s, and two of us got Burger King. Honestly, I think the last time I had anything from Burger King was probably a bacon double cheeseburger and I loved every bite, but that was decades ago, I’m sure.

This is not my first experience with meatless restaurant burgers. Well, first I should say that I absolutely love the teriyaki flavor Sweet Earth burger found at grocery stores like Kroger and Whole Foods. I add vegan cheese, sometimes mushrooms or hummus or avocados and oh my… oh my….

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Photo by Foodie Factor on Pexels.com

But for restaurant meals, I’ve had the Beyond Meat burger while I was on this trip in Atlanta, Georgia. I never would have thought my first Beyond Meat burger would be in a hotel but boy, was it delicious.

Back to the Impossible Whopper. I was impressed with how much it reminded me of burgers made with meat. It was tasty for sure. I ordered it without mayonnaise so when we got back to my house, I just added that myself with the vegan alternative. I left the lettuce and onions on which definitely made the overall experience more flavorful.

The only strike against this burger is not really the burgers fault, per se. It tasted just like a fast food restaurant burger. I can’t exactly put a finger on it, perhaps it was the thin size or something. But it just had that fast food feel to it. I much prefer a bigger, “meatier” burger, if you will. You definitely didn’t ask for this but here is my ranking of the burgers based on enjoyability:

  1. Sweet Earth burger patties – best grocery store burger I’ve found anywhere, and I’ve tried other brands
  2. Beyond Meat burger – tasted exactly like a nice juicy beef burger, and it was amazing
  3. Impossible burger – granted, this was from Burger King so another test with frozen patties or a different restaurant may be necessary

Have you tried any plant-based burgers? If so, chime in below with your experience and thoughts on the taste, and overall experience. Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness


When the “roll” is called up yonder

When the rollllll is called up yonder, I’ll be fine. Folks, I was half of a toilet paper roll away from having a new normal when I use the restroom. I was even regretting that I didn’t take the opportunity to steal from my sister! STEALING TOILET PAPER!!! Each time I went to any store (Kroger, Dollar General, Sam’s Club, etc), the two-ply tissue worth it’s weight in gold was nowhere to be found. Shelves… empty. But Whole Foods came through for the win. My heart thanks you, and my tooshy thanks you, too!


-Out of the Wilderness

Falling asleep at the wheel

Let’s play a little game called “Have you ever?” And here’s your host… me!

Have you ever:
A. Been really sleepy driving your car
B. Fallen asleep at the wheel
C. Had the car next to you wake you up
D. All of the above
If you answered A or B you are one of 25 people that have done the exact same thing in the last 30 days according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And no, driving drowsy is not a disease, I guess the CDC had budget money to spend or something?

If you answered D, then you would be… me! It happened a few years ago coming home from work. I was really tired the entire week and that day, I was stuck in stop-and-go traffic. I could feel myself drifting off and there for a second or two, my eyes were completely closed.

I woke up to a car of folks next to me yelling to get my attention. Wow. What just happened? I mean, I’ve been sleepy before but never this. So I pulled off the road into a Kroger parking lot.

I’m grateful that:
A. I wasn’t driving fast
B. I didn’t hurt anyone
C. I didn’t buy anything at Kroger and get a 1-mile long receipt

-Out of the Wilderness