When the “roll” is called up yonder

When the rollllll is called up yonder, I’ll be fine. Folks, I was half of a toilet paper roll away from having a new normal when I use the restroom. I was even regretting that I didn’t take the opportunity to steal from my sister! STEALING TOILET PAPER!!! Each time I went to any storeContinue reading “When the “roll” is called up yonder”

High hopes amid widespread panic coronavirus cancellations

The frenzy this sickness has caused in the US is mind blowing. I mean, just check your Facebook feed and you’ll see that the majority of friends updates are about the widespread panic*… or toilet paper. What I’m seeing on TV and hearing on the radio is about all the cancelled events, nationally and local.Continue reading “High hopes amid widespread panic coronavirus cancellations”

The Rhode Island Rider Rides Again

The last time I considered myself a skater was in 4th grade. I was living in Newport, Rhode Island and had the sickest neon green Tony Hawk skateboard in the neighborhood. It was custom built with two red wheels and two green. The trucks were tight, the grip tape was grippy, I was a miniContinue reading “The Rhode Island Rider Rides Again”