Beautiful Juniper Springs – a Mini Tour Around Central Florida

Hello and welcome back! This is my second post about Juniper Springs. To catch up, click here for yesterday’s recap of my arrival and a few of my favorite pictures. OK, can I just say this real quick: I am not familiar with camping in state parks and the first night, it was very dark.Continue reading “Beautiful Juniper Springs – a Mini Tour Around Central Florida”

Mini-Tour of Central Florida – Juniper Springs State Park

Like I said recently, this mini-tour camping around central Florida started with a pit stop in Gainesville to visit an old friend, but then I was off to the first state park. Juniper Springs State Park, to be exact. I booked this trip about a month in advance so the anticipation was killing me, especiallyContinue reading “Mini-Tour of Central Florida – Juniper Springs State Park”

A Florida Camping Mini Tour – Pit Stop in Gainesville

Welcome to my blog. If you’re new to the site, I write about all kinds of things from dating to dogs (not dating dogs, let me be clear) to music and TV and many other things. This particular post is the first one in a series of posts about a mini-tour camping around central Florida.Continue reading “A Florida Camping Mini Tour – Pit Stop in Gainesville”

Two hounds from Tennessee

My two dogs were born and raised in Tennessee. And since I sold my house in Nashville, their birthplace is just about the only thing they have tying them to volunteer state. So much has changed for them, including a new home, new beds, a new car to ride around in, new yards, new placesContinue reading “Two hounds from Tennessee”

Ladybugs are awfully prude these days

When I recently posted that I hadn’t had any dates with the ladies lately, I didn’t suspect I’d be swarmed a few days later with oodles of ladies. Ladybugs, that is! It was basically out of nowhere but come to find out this is the season for them… I guess? I don’t remember having anContinue reading “Ladybugs are awfully prude these days”