I haven’t had a date in…

I left Nashville almost 2 months ago. Since arriving in Florida most of my time has been spent with my family (parents, siblings, nieces, etc). Family was the driving force for the move south so being with them a lot is going according to that plan. But all this time spent with them doesn’t leaveContinue reading “I haven’t had a date in…”

We’re Maxed Out – A Volleyball Story

I had a weird experience you might expect during recess in elementary school, but this was not in school. It was on a volleyball court in Florida. For being in the Sunshine State, so far my experience with pick-up volleyball has paled in comparison with where I lived up until a few months ago— Nashville,Continue reading “We’re Maxed Out – A Volleyball Story”

Using my car against a moccasin in Florida – dash cam video

The other day, I kinda ran over a moccasin. I kinda ran over a moccasin and kept going. The weird thing is… the moccasin kept going, too. A guy who was walking nearby said sometimes you need a heavier car. Um, WHAT??? A car should squish a snake every time. Or else, I’m gonna needContinue reading “Using my car against a moccasin in Florida – dash cam video”

Signs to Mark the Evacuation Route?

The other day I was driving on the gulf coast of Florida and every few hundred yards were signs marking that the road was a hurricane “evacuation route.” Now, I’m a firm believer that we have too many road signs in this country — case and point, a sign that tells you a historic markerContinue reading “Signs to Mark the Evacuation Route?”

The scariest dog park in Florida

I visited a dog park in the Tallahassee area this morning and since it’s Florida I went in with some knowledge of the dangerous wildlife. First, I Google mapped it. I thought a little pond would be fun for the pups. The only thing is, this was a giant pond…and there were 2 ponds, anyway.Continue reading “The scariest dog park in Florida”