The Etsy Christmas Commercial – The Music and More!

I’m just a human. Why is it that these Christmas commercials almost make me shed a tear every time I see them! Usually it’s Publix with the tearjerkers but Etsy has a new commercial that will warm your heart. They call it a “holiday commercial” but we all know it’s Christmas. Take a look… TheContinue reading “The Etsy Christmas Commercial – The Music and More!”

Nationwide Commercial featuring HER (and him)

Nationwide has a couple of new commercials out featuring the wonderful voice of Gabriella Wilson, better known as H.E.R. Take a look and I think you’ll love her voice, too. There’s also a “behind the scenes” video from one of her performances. H.E.R. joins another musician lending their talents to Nationwide. Country singer Brad PaisleyContinue reading “Nationwide Commercial featuring HER (and him)”

The New Publix Back-to-School Commercial in English and Spanish

Publix is known for having great commercials. In fact, one my all-time favorites is a Publix holiday ad from 2005… do you remember this Valentine’s Day tear-jerker? Well, Publix is back now with a timely “back to school” commercial and it’s as sweet as you’d expect. Check it out then scroll down for more info…Continue reading “The New Publix Back-to-School Commercial in English and Spanish”

Buick Alexa Commercial Hits Better During Hockey Than Basketball?

Not too long ago during the NCAA basketball tournaments, Buick sort of went out on a limb (I guess?) with an ad promoting women’s sports. How they went about it was the potential risk and you can read my review of the ad campaign here. In a nutshell, though, the ads were ironic and aContinue reading “Buick Alexa Commercial Hits Better During Hockey Than Basketball?”

New Allstate commercial – actors, location, and music

Allstate uses a French song as the backdrop for an ad featuring various items on the roof of a car. We’ve all done that, haven’t we… left something on the roof? In this commercial titled “Smooth,” the items include: Jello cake, mug of tea, paint can, a bag of groceries, dinosaur (T-rex), flower in flowerContinue reading “New Allstate commercial – actors, location, and music”