More about Lainey Wilson “Heart Like a Truck” Music Video

I came across this song in a roundabout way as I was looking for a tune to use in the background of a Facebook story video. On Spotify it’s listed on the “hot country” playlist. I’m not exactly in tune with country music anymore so I have only inklings of an idea about who orContinue reading “More about Lainey Wilson “Heart Like a Truck” Music Video”

CMA Awards: Bro-country vs. Bra-country

I can’t say whether the tides are changing in country music but if you use the recent CMA Awards as any sort of example of what country music is like today, you may notice who wasn’t there. Remember back in the early to mid-2010s when “bro-country” became a thing? Artists like Florida Georgia Line, JasonContinue reading “CMA Awards: Bro-country vs. Bra-country”