Holiday Gifts – My Children’s Books!

With all the holiday commercials on TV, I almost totally forgot that I have my own ads to throw into the mix! They might not make you cry tears of joy like this Publix Thanksgiving commercial or the Christmas commercial from Amazon, but if you have little ones that love to smile and love greatContinue reading “Holiday Gifts – My Children’s Books!”

Hard to believe it’s been 6 years…

…since I was laid off in epic fashion. It would have been like anyone else getting laid off except earlier on the day I was called into the office for the “talking to,” I was in a courthouse being interviewed for jury duty. Not only that, I was working in television and that same dayContinue reading “Hard to believe it’s been 6 years…”

Children’s Books This Christmas

Some of you know that I have written two children’s books, but for those that don’t… I’ve written two children’s books! Every year around this time I like to remind folks that if they’re looking for a nice gift for a tiny loved one, they have two good options (the books I mentioned just 7Continue reading “Children’s Books This Christmas”

That time I was a special guest at an elementary school job fair

I recently was asked to be a guest at an elementary school job fair. I said yes, so I showed up alongside a pediatrician, a dentist, and a couple of police officers. I was there as an author (I’ve written 2 children’s books) and to be totally honest, I was pretty nervous! And not becauseContinue reading “That time I was a special guest at an elementary school job fair”