How Verizon is restoring my sanity. An internet story.

As some of you know from previous posts (like this one written in lots of frustration!), my experience with Comcast/Xfinity had been good for a handful of years, but then on a random day a few months ago, the home internet connection became very unreliable. And by “very,” I mean I would trust Tonya HardingContinue reading “How Verizon is restoring my sanity. An internet story.”

Things I didn’t know were going to be really awesome

This is… American Idol.  I was working at a camp with no TV, no news, basically cut off from the outside world. So when I returned to civilization, I didn’t know how big American Idol was that first season. As you know, it went on to be an extremely successful reality/singing show. Little rascals withContinue reading “Things I didn’t know were going to be really awesome”

LG360 camera reviewed by a normal guy

I recently picked up the LG360 camera for a few reasons, which I’ll share with you now. It’s one of a handful that are currently available. I’d also like to try out the Bublcam and the Giroptic 360cam degree cameras but both those brands are currently on “pre-order.” I’ve heard the Bublcam won’t ship tillContinue reading “LG360 camera reviewed by a normal guy”