The 3 things I dislike the most about camping

I’ll start by saying I LOVE camping. Since January 2022, I’ve been living and traveling in a Gulf Stream trailer. There have been ups and downs, learning experiences, but the good far outweighs the bad. I actually like that I’m learning new things, too. For instance… figuring out why the water heater doesn’t heat waterContinue reading “The 3 things I dislike the most about camping”

Dinosaur Valley State Park Camping – Favorite Nature Pictures

Once I went hiking in Dinosaur Valley State Park, I understood why the campsite was nearly full on the weekend of my visit. Campsites had families, older couples, younger couples, Boy Scout troops, all kinds of folks enjoying the beauty within the park… and no doubt to check out the dinosaur tracks in Paluxy RiverContinue reading “Dinosaur Valley State Park Camping – Favorite Nature Pictures”

Portraits of Texas on the road

Texas. Is. Beautiful. Somewhere between Mother Neff State Park and Dinosaur Valley State Park (recaps here) the views changed to this beautiful copper landscape that I can’t get enough of. Ranches and farms as big as from me to the horizon. Cows, horses, donkeys, goats. And larger than life wind turbines as far as theContinue reading “Portraits of Texas on the road”

Who are you?

This is a question I was asked recently when I was riding my bike one evening in a Texas state park. It was very dark, as most state parks are, and my bike was lit up all over the place. There’s a headlight, taillight, and bright lights on the wheels. I also had a headlampContinue reading “Who are you?”

A Low-Flying Helicopter in Texas

I’ve been in Texas for a few days and have been thrilled to see lots of wildlife. I even saw a black-tailed jackrabbit. I take that back, I saw TWO black-tailed jackrabbits. Those things were huge! They were hanging around with some deer. Maybe those two species get along well? But it was while IContinue reading “A Low-Flying Helicopter in Texas”