Nominee For Vice President Encourages All Supporters To Buy Identical Converse Sneakers

Oakland, CA — While the Democrat nominee for President has been having small gatherings with cardboard cutouts, the nominee for Vice President made a splash on social media, campaigning across the country in a sporty pair of black and white Converse All Stars. Commonly known as Chuck Taylors, or Chucks, the shoes worn by the VP nominee were chosen very much on purpose.

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Photo by Aidan Carney on

“These shoes are easy to find at a good price, and I want that for our followers– excuse me, for all Americans,” said the Democrat from California, following up by encouraging Democrats to pick up a pair to wear on election day, November 3rd.

“Matching outfits is important to demonstrate unity,” an official post on Twitter explains. “We are in this together as our party is propelled to victory like a comet shooting through the sky.” The potential Vice President also shared that November 3rd will be the day Democrats evolve to a level above Republicans.

A published list of required supplies for any Democrats hosting a watch party on election day are as follows:

  • low top black and white Converse.
  • applesauce or pudding.
  • beds for everyone to lay on at the same time.

Converse was made aware of the peculiar event and released a statement: “This has nothing to do with Converse.” They are hoping to curb any association with the Democrat plans, citing negative publicity may result in the shoe company having to retire this particular model for decades.

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