Activist student drops bombshell on university faculty

Los Angeles — Earlier this week, University of Southern California student Abby Thompson took to social media expressing her distaste for some of the faculty and staff at the private college.

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Administration takes comments like this very seriously, especially in the #MeToo era, so when they were made aware of the vague accusation, an investigation began immediately.

Leading the inquiry as to what happened was well-known and highly-regarded Ethics in Society professor Linda Shultz. She has a history of getting to the bottom of things and was eager to make things right with this student, given the fact that the student is a woman and whatever she is upset about is probably true, because otherwise, why would she have said anything?

It was quickly known what the matter was pertaining. Abby Thompson felt attacked in her Basic Communications course as the syllabus stated the course started every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am.

Class instructor Tom Treadwell said, “I’ve been teaching this class for 7 years now, and this is a first for me. We start the class at a certain time on a certain day, and students sit in whatever seat they want. I’m still not sure what exactly the problem is.” He went on to say the day of the incident Ms. Thompson was irate, and stormed out of the class chanting “My body! My choice!”

Linda Shultz was able to sit down with Abby to get her side of the situation. The official report is about one page double spaced, mostly consisting of dates and locations, witness statements, and of course it includes Abby’s complaint. According to the document made available exclusively to OTW News, Abby was offended and insulted when she read in the syllabus that students were to report to room 309 (location of the class for the entire semester), by 9am.

“This is so sexist! How can he tell me what to do with my body? It’s my body! If I don’t want to take my body to class at 9am, no man is going to tell me otherwise. I can’t believe this is happening in 2019.”

Once learning of the reason for Abby’s extreme dislike of having to attend a class at a particular set time in order to get credit for that class, she quickly dismissed the investigation and became embarrassed on behalf of all women everywhere.

Asked for her reaction, Abby simply said, “Men are the problem.”

-Out of the Wilderness News

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