To Appease Progressive Liberals, NBC Drops “Tonight Show”

New York, NY — Progressive liberals have run out of things to cancel so they have turned their aim towards late night comedy. A grassroots effort is picking up steam in an attempt to force NBC to drop The Tonight Show starring the beloved Jimmy Fallon. Granted, they aren’t asking to cancel the show. In fact, many liberals applaud Jimmy’s opening monologue that consistently delivers Donald Trump jokes at a rate of 10 to 1 versus any other topic.

Where the sensitive liberals take issue is with the name of the show. The official petition reads: “…calling it ‘The Tonight Show’ is in itself exclusionary, biased, and not what RBG would have wanted.” Apparently they’re suggesting the show is narrow-mindedly excluding “morning” and “afternoon,” and this omission is a slap in the face to equality nationwide.

A statement released by NBC stated in part:
“Here at NBC, we no longer believe using ‘Tonight’ in the name show was inclusive enough. Who are we to assume the show couldn’t be watched in the morning, or early afternoon, or at dusk?”

NBC executives have opted to drop “Tonight” from the title, now to be called “The Show with Jimmy Fallon.” Even with this landmark win, some progressives are still upset the show will include the host’s name, claiming it infringes on the rights of everyone not named Jimmy Fallon. A few signs held up by protesters outside 30 Rock had the message: “Not My Host!” and at one point a comrade ripped a picture of Jimmy Fallon’s face in half.

-OTW News

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