Ellen Page Goes Back To Being A Woman After Learning White Men Aren’t Allowed To Have An Opinion On Anything

Hollywood, CA — The actress-turned-actor Elliot Page has flipped once again to being an actress after experiencing firsthand that the white men she generally hated when she was a woman are still not allowed to have an opinion on anything.

Elliot made a splash in the entertainment industry recently announcing he was, in fact, a man, when all we had ever known about him was that he was a woman named Ellen Page. Once his manhood was established, his thoughts on issues like women’s rights, unequal pay, and racism were immediately deemed irrelevant due to the fact that he is a white man.

“How can he know our struggle as women?” asked one woman. Another chimed in, “He’s lived a life of privilege since he’s a white man in America!” And another, “He probably voted for Trump.” Once beloved as a young up-and-coming actress, now shunned for being a white man. Elliot admitted he thought he could help change the culture in America by coming out as a straight white man, but the truth is, that only happens if you come out as gay, transgender, a white person pretending to be black, or if you’re an old white man who plays “Despacito” in front of Latino people.

-OTN News

Published by Ben Wilder

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One thought on “Ellen Page Goes Back To Being A Woman After Learning White Men Aren’t Allowed To Have An Opinion On Anything

  1. People can identify however they choose. However, for the rest of us living on this planet, we should not be forced and pressured by the culture of manufactured “wokeness” to keep enabling these delusions and blantant lies. Ellen, you are a woman and a lesbian, which isn’t a big deal. Sorry get over yourself. Just because you’re bored with yourself, don’t force your “feelings” and moronic pronoun choices on the rest of us. You are not Chaz Bono.


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