Vegan protesters support police who use organic pepper spray

San Francisco, CA — Another afternoon of civil unrest in San Francisco was met with clashes between police and protesters, and in one case, an officer of the law and a lover of  the vegetables. Among the demonstrators was a distinct crowd of vegans holding organically made protest signs, wearing recycled masks made from other masks, and sporting tank tops exposing their arm pit hair. [story continues below]

bunch of fruits
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Vocal leaders of the non-meat eaters spoke up after what can only be described as a good ol’ fashioned cat fight, no offense, involving a police officer who used pepper spray to get a handle on an unruly pale-faced vegan. The majority of the vegans actually sided with the the cop after learning he only uses organic pepper spray. This pleased the vegans greatly. After showing the ingredients on the back of the spray bottle, the officer went on to categorically deny ever using genetically modified products when he is oppressing someone.

-OTW News

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