Married Man Loses Touch with Single Guy Friends

Louisville, KY — A Kentucky man recently admitted since his wedding last year, he hasn’t talked with any of his single guy friends. The now husband and father of a toddler said, “I’m not sure exactly what happened. Some of us had plans to play basketball in a league that summer.”

We were able to track down a few of his groomsmen. One had no comment while another was willing to talk under conditions of anonymity.

“Yeah, we did have plans to play ball that summer. He and I had been playing together for years… until she showed up.” He went on to say his friend dating and eventually marrying changed everything. Then once the couple started having babies, he gave up on ever hearing from his buddy again.

The third groomsman we contacted was relieved to hear his married friend admitted to losing touch with him and the rest of the guys. As it turns out, he started dating someone around the time of his pal’s wedding, and just remembered he hasn’t texted any of his guy friends “in a few weeks… or months.”

“I thought it was my fault he and I lost touch,” he says, “I’m glad to know [married guy] feels responsible. Let’s keep that story going.”

Upon checking with the Kentucky man’s wife on how relationships with her single lady friends are going, she had this to say: “Well, it’s been disappointing. We can only meet at Panera three times a week.”

-Out of the Wilderness News

Published by Ben Wilder

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