USA Softball Association Calls Biden Town Hall’s Use of “Softball Questions” Sexist, Misogynistic, and Inaccurate

Philadelphia, PA — Presidential nominee Joe Biden held a town hall Thursday evening, hosted by his friend, ABC News host George Stephanopoulis. The intimate moments between the two were occasionally interrupted by socially-distanced citizens asking prepared questions of the former Vice President.

After watching the 90-minute Biden promo, USA Softball President tweeted her outrage over the use of what is commonly referred to as “softball questions,” meaning the questions are setup to be incredibly easy to answer. She even later called them sexist and misogynistic.

This tweet is of course referring to fastpitch softball being played competitively by millions of women all over the country. It is also widely accepted that hitting a pitch coming in at 70 miles per hour is, in fact, not easy. While men do also play the sport, their involvement is typically in slowpitch softball and it’s for the middle-aged man still trying to live out his glory days of high school ball.

The use of easy, or leading, questions is not uncommon in politics but if liberal feminists decide this will help further their man-hating agenda, brace yourself for what could be severe backlash against easy questions altogether on the national stage all the way down to early childhood education.

What’s a word that starts with the letter T, class? That’s right, Third Wave Feminism. You all get a sticker!

-OTW News

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