Trump and Biden: Dueling Town Hall statistics

I took a few notes on the double town hall night featuring Joe Biden on ABC and Donald Trump on NBC. Take a look below.

JOE BIDEN TOWN HALL (total time… 1:31:30)

The first voter question came 30 seconds into town hall. Questions were asked by the following folks:

Nick Fetten – Attorney (Democrat)

Kelly Leigh – Business Owner (undecided)

Anthony Argirakis – Civil Engineer (Republican)

Cedric Humphrey – student (progressive Democrat)

Angelica Politarhos – Financial Advisor (Republican)

Nathan Osburn – Communications (Democrat)

Andrew Lewis – Businessman & Public Official (disaffected Republican)

Michele Ellison – Consultant & Clergy (undecided)

Mark Hoffman – Commercial Insurance Sales (Republican)

Mieke Haeck – Physical Therapist (first time voter)

Keenan Wilson – Senior Operations Manager (Democrat)

From the 11 voter questions, there were 4 Democrats, 3 undecided, 3 Republicans, and 1 Independent. Voter questions came from 7 men, and 4 women.

DONALD TRUMP TOWN HALL (total time… 1:00:00)

The first voter question came 19 minutes, 45 minutes into town hall. Questions were asked by the following folks:

Jacqueline Lugo – Independent, leaning Biden

Barbara Pena (mom) and Isabella Pena (daughter) – Independent leaning towards Trump, daughter leaning towards Biden

Cristy Montesino Alonso – Republican, leaning Trump

Joe White (stuck in traffic, moderator Savannah asked his question) – Democrat leaning towards Biden

Becky Lightman – Independent / undecided

Adam Schucher – Democrat supporting Biden

Moriah Greene – Republican, leaning Trump

Cindy Velez – Democrat / undecided, leaning Biden

Paulette Dale – Republican, leaning Biden

From the 10 voter questions, 3 were Democrats, 3 Republicans, and 4 Independents. Voter questions came from 2 men and 8 women.

Thanks for stopping by! It was interesting to have town halls going on at the very same time. Early reports of the ratings are that the Biden Town Hall got better ratings.

-Out of the Wilderness

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