The Best Woke Pick Up Lines for 2022

Here are a few pick-up lines to help guys find a modern woman to date.

10. If I identify as a fireplace, will you come sit next to me?

Red Sky Fireplace GIF by Hunter Hayes - Find & Share on GIPHY

9. Hey you. My pronouns are “yours” and “forever.”

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8. What would you think if I told you Bernie Sanders is my spirit animal?

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7. If we get married this year, we can celebrate our 10th anniversary at AOC’s inauguration.

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6. You want to date a feminist, right? Well, I have cats.

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5. Can you feel it? There’s enough electricity between us to keep Texas warm in the winter.

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4. Can I be the next greeter of your chest feeders?

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3. After dinner and dessert, are we going back to my protest or yours?

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2. Does it turn you on to know I haven’t read any of J.K. Rowling’s books?

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1. I support your right to choose me as your next boyfriend.

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-Out of the Wilderness

Subaru’s Adorable Weiner Dog Commercial …and More!

I’ve posted about Subaru before with their “Underdog” commercial (that may or may not have made me tear up AGAIN just looking for the link) and now they’re back with an ad that won’t have you crying, but instead laughing. Take a look…

Dachshunds have long been called weiner dogs or hot dogs, so this ad playfully plays into that endearing trait of the long dogs. When a group of golden-colored dogs pull up to a hot dog trailer called “Wanna Wienie” with the slogan “If you wanna wienie, just speak,” they bark and the hot dogs are served. Then a little family of Dachshunds appear, and appear offended at the sight of these other dogs shamelessly sitting by a plateful of yummy hot dogs.

A growl rumbles from one of the bigger wiener dogs and if you’ve ever been around this breed, you know how accurate that is! Adorable little things, but as feisty as can be.

The hungry dogs think twice once the two little pups make a connection, then they drive away in their Subaru Crosstrek, “Dog tested. Dog approved.”

In a related Subaru ad, a young golden retriever and a friend stop at a stop light when a cop car pulls up next to them. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The nerves going haywire!

Do you like these ads from Subaru? Does it make you love Subaru even more, or more importantly, do you love dogs twice as much as you did before the ads? Chime in below and thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

My Top 10 Favorite Original Photos

I definitely gravitate towards nature, wildlife, that sort of thing. But every once in a while I’ll snap an artsy photo with a person in it. In fact, one of the top 10 favorites below includes a silhouette (sort of?) of one of my nieces. Along with that photo taken in Tallahassee, Florida, there are 9 other favorites from my travels around the southeast. We’ll kick things off with the most recent addition to my Fine Art America portfolio. Also, if you want to see these, plus dozens more originals, check them out here on Fine Art America.

Most Recent“Things Are Looking Up”

“Robin’s First Day”

“Sea Horse Silhouette”

“Green Plant on White”

“The Fishes”

“Shell On Blue”

“Little Gem”

“Plants As Steam Lifts Off Water”

“The Way Water Goes”

“Chaos Lighthouse in Black and White”

“Trampoline Girl”

Check out the rest at Fine Art America. Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness

Where do blanket farts go?

I don’t know if I’m more embarrassed that I’m asking this question or that it’s taken me so long to ask this question. Let’s say someone is bundled up in bed on a chilly fall night. The body is at rest and in these moments of comfort a toot sneaks out. You know it’s gonna stink. But without uncovering the sheets and blankets, the fart has nowhere to go.

Fart GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Set to the tune of Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”… where do blanket farts go?

Would the smell still be there in the morning? Is it better to uncover let it out so the sheets don’t melt? Does it absorb into the sheets, changing their scent for the rest of time?

So many questions.

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-Out of the Wilderness

Monkeypox… and super gay commercials

I guess I’m a little confused about the hubbub surrounding the monkeypox outbreak. More specifically, why are folks upset when it’s mentioned that monkeypox dramatically affects gay men more than the public at large (at least that’s the case at the time of this writing)? Unfortunately, I think the answer is more political than homophobia.

In fact, the folks who are upset about pigeonholing monkeypox as mostly a gay problem must be livid about the HIV commercials airing on TV recently. For some reason, there seems to be a flood of new ads about medicine designed for HIV symptoms and whatnot. Here are a few and take notice of the gay to not-gay ratio with the characters in each one. Spoiler alert, about 103% of the characters are gay.

Gosh, sorry about that last one. I mean there’s gay, and then there’s Britain putting the UK in yuk! Does the double standard in the U.S. irritate you as much as it does me? Soon, I hope society will be less sensitive and just relax, like those iPhone commercials recommend.

What are your thoughts about the monkeypox situation? Chime in below and, as always, thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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