Is Yeti Cooler Commercial Actually Uncool?

For the longest time I was trying to find an ad I had seen on TV so I could write about it. All I had to go on on was “Wear Your Cooler.” While this phrase doesn’t make much sense on its own, I thought at least I’d have enough to find out the product and company. But nope! The only two things I could work with are that tagline and the music from the ad. They used “Rides Through The Morning” by Michael Nau.

I didn’t have enough info to go on so days and weeks passed by and I couldn’t post a blog because I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE PRODUCT BEING SOLD WAS OR WHO WAS SELLING IT! Gosh, sorry to get all all-capsy there. But it was frustrating me so much! But then… a breakthrough! I happened to catch the first 3 seconds of the ad which told me everything I needed to know for the commercial. It’s Yeti advertising a cooler you can strap to yourself like a backpack. Here’s the ad…

Music? Good choice. 

Visuals? Great. 

Effectiveness of commercial? A dud. 

If you have to catch the first few seconds of an ad to know what it’s for, that’s a fail. Yeti totally whiffs for this reason. I’d cut them some slack if they did a few things to highlight brand more, but they don’t. Watch the ad again and tell me if you see any clear logo or branding after the first 3 seconds. If I liked the cooler, I would have very little chance of finding it. How many consumers would spend much time looking for a random cooler they saw on a commercial without knowing the brand? Not many. 

Of course, working in Yeti’s favor is the fact that they don’t really need to advertise at all. Most people are aware they are a big-time name brand and even with high-priced items, people know them and keep buying. It’s kind of like Lamborghinis or Mexican restaurants. You never see commercials for Lambos or Mexican food, but both are doing just fine.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the Yeti commercial. Is it a fail? What could they have done better, or is it fine as is? 

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Jon Pardi “Last Night Lonely” – The Car, The Police, and More in the Music Video

Pardi Animals, as fans of Jon Pardi are called, were treated to a new music video from the country singer. It’s for a song from an upcoming album, the track called “Last Night Lonely.” Take a look at the video shot in Las Vegas then scroll down for more info!

The Ride. With an all-black wardrobe it just makes sense that Jon would ride around Vegas in an all-black classic car. It’s a 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham.

For the two different looks, Jon sports a white American TX cowboy hat and a black American TX hat. Each one will cost you around $200. Check out this site if you want one for yourself.

Part of the video was shot in a Travelodge and my best guess is that it’s the location in Vegas titled, “Travelodge by Wyndham Las Vegas Center Strip” at 3735 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

People watching. Curious folks in Vegas stood by watching as the video was being shot. You can see them most clearly when Jon has exited the Cadillac under the hotel portico.

It’s also clear that Jon had a police escort around town. Check out a few screen grabs of the police presence. Was this part of the entourage of Jon’s character in the video, or were they actually working the scene to keep everything orderly? My guess is the latter.

Were you entertained by this latest release from Jon Pardi? If so, leave a comment with your favorite parts of the song and/or video.

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cell phone video of video being shot?

Google Pixel 6 Commercial – The Music, and the First Non-Racist Phone?

Hello and thanks for checking out my post today. If you’re interested in other popular TV commercials, click on my Popular TV Ads page to find out more about a lot of them. Today’s post is about Google, which put together a minute-long ad showing how their Pixel 6 phone isn’t racist has a nice camera. Check it out…

The Music. Performing the soundtrack of this commercial is Lizzo with “If You Love Me.” Here’s a live performance of the song…

I can’t find many positive reviews of the commercial, even if the phone itself is an improvement on color, tone, and accuracy. In fact, the pictures they used for the “dark” photos were pretty terrible examples of photography in general. The lighting would make it difficult to get a good shot of anyone no matter their color. And similarly, the photo subjects and locations used to show off the camera in the second half of the ad would’ve worked well with most smart phone cameras.

In regards to pandering (or platitudes?), this commercial hits a home run. They even managed to include a gay black couple so that might be a grand slam. They would’ve had a hat-trick if one of the models identified as a trans, but maybe they’re saving they/them for the Google Pixel 7.

But if Google was hoping to unify the world with this ad, it’s a gigantic flop. I think most people are tired of messages of unity from companies (and politicians, for that matter) but then immediately show us, and promote, the divisions.

How do you feel about the commercial? Does it make you want to go out and drop $900 for the Pixel 6 Pro?

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I used to bake in the sun

I’m a Floridian through and through. I know some people can claim Florida as their home state, but I was born as far into Florida as one can get– Key West. I’ve always loved being associated with the Sunshine State (even when I lived in Tennessee for 16 years). I recently left the Volunteer State to start another adventure, which you can follow by checking my Camping Stories page. My home base is now back in Florida where the rest of my family lives. If you live in Florida, you are well aware how blazing hot it can get in the summer. You can also get a sunburn if you’re outside for like, half a second! Well, a few of my nieces– OK, that’s being conservative– ALL of my nieces are at an age where they really want a tan. I was like that too, a lifetime ago.

I don’t remember making the extra effort in high school, but in college having a tan was not something I was ever shying away from. In fact, my brother and I used lemon juice in our hair and Banana Boat dark tanning oil for everything else. Many, many afternoons where I’m sweating on a beach towel hoping for dark skin and a date for the weekend!

Confession —> Usually I only got the dark skin. What can I say, I was shy around my coed classmates!

Other memories of that #TanLife in Florida include a dermatologist who was probably on retainer with my family. If not, he should’ve been! One day I saw him walking on the beach in long sleeves and a big-brimmed safari-style hat. Internally, and so00oo00oo mature, I was glad I wasn’t him.

Why so covered up, my man?

Now, though, a couple of decades later, that long sleeve-wearing big-brimmed safer-style hat guy walking on the beach is ME. The crazy thing is that I wish I was blocking the sun a looooong time ago. Every member of my family has experienced the unfortunate result of too much sun– skin cancer. I’ve had it on my leg but between us all, it’s included faces, heads and pretty much everywhere we were trying to tan when we were young.

Now as an uncle who’s so00oo00oo mature, and as much as teenagers don’t want to hear it, I really hope they don’t let themselves bake in the sun for too long. Skin cancer is nothing to take lightly.

The days of me roasting in the hot sun are over. So if you see a guy running around a beach or a campground wearing long sleeves, hands in his pockets, and a gigantic safari hat, say hi and I’ll say hi back!

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Publix Fill Your Cup Commercial – It’s a Vibe

The first time I saw this commercial was during an episode of American Idol, which I was watching with one of my nieces. My top 5 Idol updates and reactions here We were behind so, like everyone else, we were skipping ahead during the commercial breaks. But wait, what’s this? It’s an ad that I was absolutely sure was Publix because somehow they just have a vibe, don’t they? We didn’t skip and sure enough, the logo came up and I said, “I knew this was a Publix commercial!” Take a look at the minute-long version below…

Regarding the “Fill Your Cup” campaign, Publix via their website says this, “We’re making room for all the meals and moments that fill our cups, plates, hearts, and minds.”

In other words, “Eat so you’re not hangry.”

Do you have a favorite Publix commercial? There are so many classics (many created by ad agency 22 Squared), but I reveal my favorite and where it lands in my all-time top 4 favorite commercials in this blog, My top 4 all-time favorite commercials.

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