Burden – a movie review without spoilers!

I watched this movie only a few days ago and it has stuck with me. It’s not that it’s full of all the things I like- comedy, drama, love, thrills. But Garrett Hedlund, who plays KKK member Mike Burden, did amazing work portraying a conflicted man. Mike was evil — racist and hateful — but clearly showing signs of shedding the archaic, perverse way of life that is the KKK. I couldn’t help but yearn for him to leave this hateful group, even feeling sorry for him as he was pulled in two very different directions. I was also very surprised this movie was based on events that happened only a couple of decades ago. In 1996, weren’t we passed this type of hatefulness? I guess not.

I don’t think this counts as a spoiler, but a line that I absolutely loved came from Mike Burden as he chatted with Pastor Kennedy:

“Sir, if I call you my enemy, I’ll walk through Heaven and I will punch God just to get to you. If I call you my friend, I’ll walk through Hell and I’ll slap the devil for you.

Isn’t that something?

Mike Burden’s girlfriend Judy, played by Andrea Riseborough, also left a memorable mark for me from this movie. She is a great example of what unconditional love can look like. I thought the acting all around was really great, and was surprised to see Usher in there, too.

If you need a movie for a rainy night and want one that will move you, I encourage you to check this one out. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

-Out of the Wilderness

Unlucky Fan Gets Seat Directly Behind Cardboard Cutouts

Tampa Bay, FL — Due to looser regulations on COVID-19, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been allowing 15% capacity in their stadium, much to the delight of lifelong Bucs fan Jason Treger. “This year has been a tough one. I lost my job. I might have to sell my house. All I wanted was to score a ticket to see my Bucs play and maybe watch Tom Brady throw a couple touchdowns.”

Part of Jason’s wish came true; he was one of a handful of lucky fans to get a ticket for a recent game. However, that’s where his luck ran out. Though there were plenty of empty seats around the stadium, his seat was squarely behind two of the largest cardboard cutouts ever manufactured.

Jason’s view for the entire game

Jason provided OTW News with a photo he took during the game. He said if you look closely you can see Tom Brady but we inspected the picture and cannot confirm this. Jason left the game feeling empty and disheartened. The only solace Jason has in this world is that he’s not a Jets fan.

-OTW News

Questions I have for Kamala Harris

Like many of you (in the U.S., at least), I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent election that’s actually still going on (as they continue counting votes, and challenging the results). Joe Biden has prematurely anointed himself as future President when the rest of everyone knows Kamala Harris is the Democrats’ “chosen one.” So with that in mind, I have a few questions for Mrs. Harris.

Why did you say yes when Joe Biden, a man you enthusiastically accused of being racist, asked you to be his running mate?

Exactly when did you know you would eventually become the President?

Has Tulsi Gabbard stopped running for the Democratic nomination yet?

If the United States is Dorothy, and freedom is our ruby slippers, does that make you the Wicked Witch of the West?

Can you please stop with the disingenuous smile and laugh?

Back when you were running for the Democratic nomination, you admitted that in your past you smoked marijuana (and laughed about it). What was your angle in that admission?

If folks coming into the U.S. illegally are not charged for breaking a law, then why should anyone obey any law? In fact, why should we have laws at all?

How does it make you feel that Biden said he was going to choose a woman (and a woman of color) as VP, possibly overlooking other people that might be more qualified for the position?

Will you please consider that abortion is not just the woman’s choice? When will the father have a say in what happens to his child?

-Out of the Wilderness

I cuss in your general direction!

For all my life I’ve been nothing but an angel. A saint. Not a good Samaritan… the perfect Samaritan. *stares into the distance with a holier-than-thou smile* OK, OK, none of that is true…. all I’ve done now is prove that along with being a little rascal, I’m also a big, fat, self-righteous liar! But mostly I try to be kind with my words… mostly… I try. Well, as of this week I can officially say I’ve cussed in anger at two people in my life. *stares into distance as single tear rolls down face*

The first was in high school, way back in the black and white days of 1997. I was driving to school, n’er a worry in the world! All of the sudden, about 50 yards from the school parking lot the driver behind me bumped into the back of my Nissan pickup truck. HOW DARE SHE. We were literally so close to my school that the nearest place for both of us to pull over was the school parking lot.

It was a rainy day. That was her excuse. *stares into the distance with a skeptical look*

Moving right along to when I was walking my dogs just the other day. It’s 2020 so of course a big ol’ box truck comes barreling down my street just as me and the pups started our walk. Though we now have speed cushions to slow drivers down, he didn’t seem to care… or even notice. As he quickly and loudly passed by, I blurted out my feelings in not so uncertain terms, to which he blurted his feelings back, also with not much uncertainty. We were both such adults in that moment. *sarcasm*

For the next 10 minutes I was upset at the guy and also at myself for letting him get to me.

These examples aren’t something I’m proud of at all. I guess I’m also not NOT proud of them either. *stares into the distance confused by my own statement* As a Christian I know I need to hold myself to a higher standard. In these couple of encounters I wasn’t kind with my words. It’s not to say the other person wasn’t deserving of a tongue lashing, but as I judge others, so to I am judged. There have been plenty of other times in my life when I was the a-hole. *stares off into distance thinking about what a dweeb I can be*

Have you ever had a moment of split-second thinking that you might change if you had the chance? I’d say for me with these two folks, if I could do either again I wouldn’t cuss; I would try in a more effective way to change their behavior. Because I’m always right. I know what everyone else should do and I need them to know it. 🙂

Also, today is my sister’s birthday. Happy birthday sis!

-Out of the Wilderness

The Clothes and Music of Gap TV Commercial – “Too Fast” By Sonder

Gap has an ad out featuring the slick dance moves of Lil Buck and Miles Yachts. I guess wearing Gap clothes makes you a good dancer? If so, I need a major wardrobe overhaul. Check out the 30-second commercial below. The song is “Too Fast” by Sonder, a trio formed in the mid-2010s.

How about those clothes, though? Well, I’ll list each item for you and what they’re going for at your local Gap store. You’re welcome!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness