The Final Dates of 2022

We’re three quarters through November so with about 6 weeks left of 2022, I *think* I’ve wrapped up my final dates of 2022. It was kind of crazy that I had a date after just a couple of months of being in Florida. In 2022 dates were few and far between but in the fall I had more success. One woman was very unexpected. We both made ourselves available so that led to a few fun hiking adventures and lots of talking. That one fizzled because I’m picky (too picky sometime), then another date was pretty fun at the fair in town. We only went on two rides and I’m 100% embarrassed to say the flying swing ride thing made me feel nauseous. After that we went on the ferris wheel which was much more my speed, although we only went around twice. Tens of dollars later we went our separate ways and haven’t met up since then.

We weren’t a long-term match. But I could go back and see those farm animals weekly! The goats, cows, and sheep were so cute.

Part of why I didn’t date very consistently is because I was traveling quite a bit. The first half of the year was mostly Florida then in the summer I went out to Texas which was amazing. But it’s hard to connect with anyone, much less an attractive woman, when I’m only in one place for a few days.

I still need to think about what my goals and aspirations will be for 2023, but I have a strong feeling it will include more camping adventures and hopefully some meaningful dates!

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-Out of the Wilderness

Holiday Gifts – My Children’s Books!

With all the holiday commercials on TV, I almost totally forgot that I have my own ads to throw into the mix! They might not make you cry tears of joy like this Publix Thanksgiving commercial or the Christmas commercial from Amazon, but if you have little ones that love to smile and love great stories about cute animals, either of these children’s books will be a huge hit this Christmas!

I absolutely love the artwork in both of these books. The illustrators I worked with created such adorable animals, from giraffes to hound dogs. Take a chance on either of these books by adding them to your Amazon cart with the following links. PS. They’re available through other bookstores as well, if Amazon isn’t your thing!

Big and Small, God Made Them All

The Brave Bamboo

What is your favorite wildlife animal? Do you have a story of bravery to share in the comments below? I can’t wait to hear it!

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Top 20 Cornhole Team Names

If you were putting together a team of super talented (in other words, barely above average) cornhole players, and you wanted to have a fun or clever team name, which would you choose as your favorite from the list below? I might be part of a just-for-fun tournament so my cornhole partner and I are coming up with team names for our quest to the championship!


Children of the Corn

Bag Boys, Bag Boys, What You Gonna Do?

Bag ‘Em and Tag ‘Em

Shuckin’ Awesome

It Has the Juice

The Corn Identity

Bags of Righteousness

Corn Chowder

Corn Bros

Two Guys and a Baggy

Me So Corny

Corn Stalkers

The Next AirCorn Illness

Outscorn The Competition

He Shoots, He Scorns

The Cornona Viruses

Foghorn Legcorn

Miyagi Know Corn Hole

The Chronicles of Cornia

When Bags Cry

If you have a favorite or want to chime in with your own ideas, comment below. Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness

The Apple AirPods Puff Commercial – The Dancers, the Music, and More!

Apple’s Christmas commercial in 2021 was so good. The mini movie called “Saving Simon” ended with a laugh, which was a nice touch for such an emotional ad. If you missed it, take a stroll back to 2021 and check out that commercial. Apple’s gone in a whole new direction in 2022 with their ad for AirPods Pro. It shares only about one thing in common with last year’s ad, it will have you feeling things! Take a look then scroll down for more info…

The Dancers. Huffing and puffing around Argentina for the commercial shoot is male dancer Vinson Fraley. He attended NYU and currently lives in New York, although he was born in North Carolina and spent most of his childhood in Atlanta. You can find more photos and videos on his Instagram page @heyvinson. Sharing in the puffy snow explosions is female dancer Gal Zusmanovich. She studied dance at Maslool school of contemporary dance in Tel Aviv, Israel. Be sure to check out photos and videos of her dancing skills by following her on Instagram @gzelontheplan.

The Music. The soundtrack to this chilly commercial is “PUFF” by Bhavi & Bizarrap. You can listen to the full track below. After watching the music video, it’s easy to connect the song with the Apple commercial. Stuff disappears in both, and right on beat. If you want your money to disappear, scroll down for a link to the AirPod Pros on Amazon.

What do you think about the commercial? Does it make you want to get AirPods, or better yet put them on your Christmas list? If so, check them out on Amazon here! Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

The Downy Backstreet Boys Commercial – The Boys and the *NYSNC Rivalry?

Back in the late 90s there seemed to be two camps, people who liked *NSYNC and those who liked Backstreet Boys. This social, musical, societal division is the punchline in a new Downy commercial featuring a woman who needs to wash her BSB shirt. Take a look!

Tell Me Why. No downy about it, this ad was made for people over the age of 40 so while younger (or older) people might not get it, the ad relates to A LOT of detergent-buyers out there. Even in 2022, after the rise and fall of “boy bands,” there’s still a fanbase for both groups. Of course, Justin Timberlake (from *NSYNC) is probably the most famous and successful as a solo artist but a lot of the guys have stayed in the public eye in music, TV, or movies. Heck, even Nick Lachey has stayed relevant as the cohost of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind.” Nick Lachey, you remember him, right? He was a member of the boy-band-secret-third-option… 98 Degrees.

The Music. The Backstreet Boys are still making music, even releasing a Christmas album last month. I hope all the clothes in their music video wardrobe were washed with Downy, just sayin’. 😉 This isn’t my favorite Christmas song, but it’ll do. Here are the boys with “Last Christmas”…

Do you like the Downy commercial? More importantly are you Team *NSYNC or Team Backstreet Boys? As for their playful boy band rivalry, this interview clears it up.

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-Out of the Wilderness

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