Dash cam video of the good, and bad in Nashville, Tennessee

I caught a couple of instances on my dash cam I thought were worth sharing. First up is a limousine from a brand I hadn’t seen before. It’s a real showstopper. In fact, when I saw it, I literally stopped my car. Well, I was at a red light, so there was that, too. But anyway, take a look at this Chevrolet Camaro limousine from Nashville Chauffeur.

The next dash cam clip isn’t quite as cool. In fact, it’s downright annoying! It’s one thing for a car to roll through a stop sign but take a look at this driver who clearly must’ve been on the way to the hospital with a life-threatening situation.

If you don’t have a dash cam yet, I urge you to get one! I’ve caught so many clips that have been almost invaluable, from crazy lightning to hail to drivers running stop signs and red lights, to cars fleeing scenes of car accidents they created. I got my Rexing dash cam on Amazon here and it’s been great.

Do you already have a dash cam? What are some things you’ve caught on video? Share below and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Elvis Presley’s “Something Blue,” A Top 5 Favorite?

If you ask 100 people to list their top 5 favorite Elvis Presley songs, it’s very possible that no list will be the same. This is because Elvis has such a wide range of songs, from gospel and rock to ballads and movie soundtracks. Quickly rising up my list of favorites is one I heard for the first time in 2021. It’s called “Something Blue.” Take a listen…

This song is a play off of the well-known phrase associated with brides on their wedding day…

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…”

I won’t get into the meaning of this centuries-old rhyme, but there’s a Brides.com article that does, so click here for more on that. I want to talk about the lyrics of the song (written by Paul Evans and Al Byron). Hearing this song for the first time just recently, and having the chance to listen intently to the lyrics, I was floored with the way Elvis ties the “borrowed, blue, old, new” rhyme in with his heart-breaking role in a wedding. Is he in love? Yes. Is he the groom?

It begins as a list of things he misses about an ex. But the biggest twist comes in these lyrics, “Something old, the dreams we planned. Something new, his wedding band,” and that’s when it’s quite clearly revealed who is (and isn’t) getting married this day. It’s kind of like (and by “kind of like,” I mean EXACTLY LIKE!) another song Elvis sings, except sort of in reverse but sort of not in reverse at all.

Elvis, as the narrator, in fact is in love with the bride (a woman he has had a relationship with), but she’s marrying another man. Why is he at the wedding then? It’s like rubbing salt in the wound because HE’S THE BEST MAN. Ouch. Not quite the romantic story, huh? I’m thinking of “Love Letters,” another amazing song by Elvis full of romance.

In “Something Blue,” Elvis walks down the aisle as the groom’s best man, thinking (as the lyrics reveal), “I’m really not the best man in the room.” This wouldn’t be such a bad thing, right? Except the fact we already mentioned, the groom is marrying a woman Elvis dated, loved, but who broke his heart, “Something borrowed was the heart I gave you, you returned it torn in two.”

How the song is written so cleverly in rhymes and telling the story without spelling it out directly, with the unmatched voice of Elvis, is why it might already be in my top 10 all-time Elvis favorites. I love that it’s almost halfway through the song that one realizes what’s actually happening. It’s not just a list of things he misses about an ex, it’s things he misses about an ex who is in a wedding dress walking down the aisle to marry a man who isn’t him, and he’s got to stand there and watch it. Can you even imagine?

Where does this song land on your list of Elvis favorites? While you’re thinking about it, comment below with your top 5 Elvis songs and let’s see if it matches mine.

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Funny photos from 2021

Here is a small collection of photos I’ve taken this year that might be a little mind-boggling, but hopefully at the very least they’re worth a chuckle. Have a great week!

  • Whatever this person offers, it better be special and I WANT IT.

The following two pictures… exactly how does “take this cash that a thousand people have touched” and “here’s my cup so you can touch it and give it back to me” help NOT spread the coronavirus?

I found the perfect greeting card at a thrift store. How old must it be that it’s advertising an “America Online Keyword”? Let’s make a bet it’s at least 15 years old! Anyway, hope my cousin liked getting it in the mail.

After Nashville had quite a week of snow, it took awhile for it to melt. I found this mound of snow, the last of its kind, still hanging on about 5 days after all the snow was gone everywhere else.

This started as a joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the CDC says this should be a thing. Well, the CDC or the Democrats, that is.

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Whoot or Whoomp? Either way, There It Is!

The year was 1993. I’m a young high school student in Miami, Florida, mostly just focused on where I’d sit on the bench for each school basketball game and which girl I would like but never talk to. One thing I loved then (and still love now) is music. This particular year something happened in music that I hadn’t noticed before, and I still remember being confused about it.

I guess it’s not uncommon from all the songs ever created for two songs to have the same title. I mean, just take the word “Hello” and there dozens of different songs. Same with “Bad,” a title used by Michael Jackson and U2.

But what’s so rare about 1993 is that two songs with very similar titles came out only months apart, in the same genre, and both were popular.

You’ve probably heard one of them, as it has made it’s way back into popular culture by way of a GEICO ad. I’m talking about “Whoomp! (There It Is)” by hip hop group Tag Team.

Tag Team’s song was released in July 1993, but did you know four months before that (March 1993), hip hop group 95 South released a song called, “Whoot There It Is”? To this day it is their highest charting song.

Boosted by GEICO’s use of the track, Tag Team’s “Whoomp” has over 19 million streams. Notably, it also scored much higher on the charts in 1993 than did the 95 South song, which only has around 145,000 Spotify streams.

A fact that is neither here nor there, as a teenager I liked 95 South’s “Whoot There It Is” more than Tag Team’s song. With that said, both songs could boast of their popularity, as proved by late night talk show host Arsenio Hall having the groups perform their songs on the same night in a Battle of the Bands. Apparently, viewers called in to vote for their favorite as part of a fundraiser of some sort. Here are those performances.

“Whoot” on The Arsenio Hall Show…

“Whoomp” on The Arsenio Hall Show…

One other odd little tidbit about this phenomenon, I came across an article in the NY Times about the two songs, which you can check out here. I won’t get into all the details but how the newspaper story addresses race relations is weird, it feels disjointed. Somehow they tie in politics and even refer to whites and blacks still living in an almost segregated country. In 1993, the adults might have had race tension (it was only 2 years earlier that the Rodney King police brutality case was front and center in the news), but as a young teen living in Miami, I don’t recall any issues with my peers about one race being better or worse than another.

So now it’s my turn to add a disjointed thought to this post: I think racism sounds like an an adult problem… as in, it seems to only be a problem with adults. Same in 1993 same in 2021.

But all that aside, how about the odd enigma of these two songs being released the same year and both becoming popular in the hip hop genre? Pretty wild. Which do you like better? Comment below and as always, thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

A Bible verse so relevant to unmarried men…

There’s a verse in the Bible that has never been more relevant to me as a 42-year-old unmarried man than John 4:27. If any of you out there are also an adult who didn’t get married in your 20s or 30s, and you have young nieces or nephews, this verse probably applies to you, too.

…and they were amazed he was talking to a woman.

John 4:27

Every vacation when I’m with family and I so much as say, “How much is this?” to a woman working at any store anywhere, it’s as if they just saw a unicorn, heard a dog meow, or someone farted and it smells like cotton candy.

Yep, that’s my life as an uncle of young kids. Granted, sometimes I’m amazed when I talk to a woman but that’s neither here nor there. The point is that even taken extremely out of context (this verse is when Jesus talked to a Samaritan woman), there has never been a verse more accurate to how my nieces and nephews think of me and my dating life.

Gosh, just wait till they discover Proverbs 21:9!

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