Adventure to Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee

If you’re looking for a great place to hike with a long, beautiful payoff, consider Fall Creek Falls. Between all the hiking trails (and the bike trail, if it accidentally happens) you can get a good amount of hiking in, and maybe even a free ride back once you’ve gone too far in one direction on aforementioned bike trail! Take a look at the pics below and then go see it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed…


The earth has its music for those who will listen


Jarry Lee / Buzzfeed / Thinkstock

On the mornings I can do this, I love taking my camping chair, setting it up where the rising sun can pass along to me its warmth, open up a book to read, and enjoy birds conducting the soundtrack of chirps, whistles, calls; piping their signals to each other that a new day has dawned and it’s time to sing.

After recording the video below, I’ve come to recognized the song of the cardinal; a couple of the different calls, at least.

A visit from a neighborhood squirrel is a bit more rare, mostly because of my canine companions that seem to have a taste for the furry critters. Yesterday I kept the dogs inside for a bit to record this squirrel taking advantage of a late afternoon snack.

All this to say, if you have a chance to escape into the wild, even for a few minutes, and even if it’s just your back yard, get out there and listen to the music. It’ll do your body good!

-Out of the Wilderness

The woman in Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know”

1Brett Young seems to be making waves in country music this year. He’s got a couple of music videos out and the one for “In Case You Didn’t Know” is simple, and yet matches the mood and feel of the song really well. Sometimes less is more, right? Anywho, Brett is singing to a girl who doesn’t exist, although when they shot the video, there clearly was a girl on set. She played the  part of the “imaginary girlfriend” but who is she in real life?

Well, so far it seems as though she actually doesn’t exist! I can’t find out anything about her using the normal channels I go through to get this info. I’ve done research like this for Keith Urban’s Blue Ain’t Your Color, Bruno Mars’s fresh jar of SkippyOmi’s video Cheerleader, and the guy in Adele’s Hello video, but Brett Young is proving to be a real challenge! So I’ll go ahead apologize that I don’t have any answer for you… yet! This very blog post will be updated as soon as I have more info about her. If you care to share info you know, please do so in the comments below!

Till then, enjoy this mystery woman in Brett’s video for “In Case You Didn’t Know.”

-Out of the Wilderness

I’m just standing here watching airplanes…

When I played Little League, I’d say a conservative estimate of all the airplanes I looked at when they flew over the fields was all of them. I remember coaches telling me to pay attention. I was paying attention. To the airplanes. I can’t say what it was that captured my attention so wholly, but they did.

And they still do.

I’ll be standing on the mound about to toss an underhand lob to an eagerly waiting batter in adult league co-ed softball and I hear one. I look up to see the lights flickering overhead.

Or like today when I was mowing my front yard for the first time this year. Standing still, mower running, glaring into the blue sky as a plane that just took off screams overhead.

I don’t know why I do the things I do. Maybe I was a pilot in a previous life. Or an airplane. But one thing is for sure… I WAS PAYING ATTENTION, COACH! Whew, sorry. I’ve had that bottled up for 20 years, I guess.

-Out of the Wilderness

Brief encounters

I’ve discovered that there are quite a few people you’ll come in contact with that you might only see once…ever. In fact, scenarios like that are so common even Craigslist has a part of their website dedicated to these casual encounters, as they call it. While I’d recommend scanning those for entertainment purposes only, there’s obviously a need they’re filling, or trying to fill.

Time has distanced me from the college years where I might’ve seen hundreds of people a day and a lot of times see those same hundreds and a hundred more all the time. And now, depending on your job, your weekly activities, you might see just a sliver of that amount on any given day.

I’ve never really been brave or outgoing when it comes to dating, even to this day, so I’ve realized these brief encounters with a woman I find interesting are, or could be, something to act on. Because it might be the only time I ever see this person.

There was that girl when I worked as a photographer’s assistant at a wedding.


Then there was Brooke from a local tattoo shop.

Once I talked with a girl at Kroger.

One and done, that’s what those were. Because I wasn’t really thinking past the moment. A buddy of mine had an experience like this recently. He was at Pinewood Social here in Nashville and was sitting in a sort of common area; a long couch, a table, basically a section you can chat with a friend or group of friends, and still order food and drinks. A pair of girls were sitting near him and because of where their computers where plugged in, he and at least one of the girls had to communicate. Afterwards he told me that he found one of them to be very attractive. The full story is that both were, but one had a ring on. 😉

So chance encounters like that do happen. But the older we get, they’re just not as frequent. If I’m being totally honest, most days I couldn’t care less about talking to anyone. Give me a chair in the backyard with my dogs and a cool breeze, I’m pretty much set! But every once in a while there will be tattoo shop Brooke. Or Kroger girl. Unfortunately for me I come up with great conversations I could’ve had about an hour or a week after. Lame-o!

So today I’m asking myself, “What am I doing about it now?” When the next Brooke comes along, or the next Pinewood Socialite sits down next to me or my friend, what shall be done about it?

-Out of the Wilderness

The dancers in Keith Urban’s “The Fighter” music video

Keith Urban has two music videos for his latest song “The Fighter.” The song is a duet with Carrie Underwood. The first video features Keith and Carrie with clips of a lone female dancer. The second video, dubbed the Dancers Version, leaves Keith and Carrie out visually but adds in a male dancer along with the female from the first video. You’ve probably already seen it, that’s why you’re here but click here for the video on YouTube. The pair were most recently seen on stage at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas as part of Keith and Carrie’s performance, but who are these dancers, anyway?
Lindsay and LyleTheir names are Lindsay Richardson (left) and Lyle Beniga (right). The pair are an item, as my parents would say. And they were also part of the Tennessee Kids (Justin Timberlake’s band and dancers for the 20/20 Experience tour).

Lyle Beniga
Starting with Lyle, he’s got quite the dance resume. He’s danced with A-list artists who are known for their own dance skills: Justin Timberlake, Usher, Jennifer Lopez. Adding to that list, he was part of a Michael Jackson tribute that aired on MTV. So yeah, dancing in any professional capacity as it relates to Michael Jackson is definitely saying something! A few more fun facts:

  • His hometown is Waldorf, MD.
  • College major was engineering.
  • He has his own clothing line.
  • You can follow him on Instagram here, and Twitter here.

Here’s the Michael Jackson tribute performance, although I can’t tell which one is Lyle.

Lindsay Richardson
Moving on to Miss Lindsay Richardson now:

  • She’s a dancer, a yoga instructor, and an actor. Her dance resume includes Justin Timberlake, Tinashe, Justin Bieber, and Britney Spears, just to name a few.
  • Her hometown is Berlin, Vermont.
  • Her first concert was Hanson. In an mmm bop they’re gone.
  • She has two dogs named Bruce and Charlie.

You can follow her on Instagram here, and Twitter here
Lindsay posted a couple of videos of Keith’s take on using her and Lyle for this video. Take a look by clicking these links.
Part 1 and Part 2

These two dancers are amazing! Keep an eye out for them in all types of forms: live, music videos, and who knows what else! And since you made it down this far, you might as well check out my new children’s book and pick up a copy! 🙂 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness

Why we care about AMBER Alerts

amber1n-3-webOne of the top stories (at least in Nashville) is the recent disappearance of a girl under the age of 17, which drew an AMBER Alert warning. She’s reportedly with one of her school teachers and they’ve both been missing for a few weeks now. For more information and the history of the AMBER Alert click here.

There are a few reasons news like this makes headlines. The most important, obviously, is that a child is involved. When some poor innocent soul is preyed upon, it makes anyone with half a heart outraged, and rightly so. It’s just sick what adults will do sometimes. I think most people get that. Don’t mess with kids!

Another reason these types of stories gain attention is that just like in the movies, people want a rescue. A happy ending. A hero.

There’s something wired deep in the human soul that longs for a hero.

When a hero rises, the child is returned safely to their family, and the guilty party receives justice, that’s when everyone can exhale a sigh of relief, and by golly, give the hero a standing ovation! Unfortunately it doesn’t always end that way because the world we live in has evil in it, too. There’s disappointment. Heartache. Despair. And villains like this guy in the news who probably thinks he’s a hero.

Recent updates show that the two haven’t even been spotted in the last few weeks. And now her mom has filed for divorce from her dad. Talk about drama. Talk about mystery. The story has it all.

It has a main character. It has intrigue. It has a villain. Now all it needs is the hero or heroes to show up and save the day. Let’s hope and pray law enforcement is making progress every day to solve the case. Meanwhile, the hero could be you so keep your eyes pealed for the pair, you might be part of the happy ending everyone is hoping for!

-Out of the Wilderness