Big Sky – Music from Season 2 Episode 1

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The season 2 opener for Big Sky packs a wallop of intrigue into a couple of storylines. Of course, there’s Ronald, but the budding story of the car crash/murder/money already has me hooked. Along with the return of the characters we love, this first episode of season 2 has a long list of soundtrack music. Without further ado, here are the songs featured in the episode…

“Where You Gonna Go” – Gregory Alan Isakov

“The Wreck” – Mr. Knightowl

*Unidentifiable song with lyrics “…turned as you walked into the light lyrics*

“Take Me to Hell & Back” – David Bradley Mau

“Oh You” – Rj Full Range featuring Romell Kidd, Itzfreshmen & Rich I.E.

“What It’s Like” – MOONZz

“Landslide” – Caveboy

“The Party Song” – Tamara Dabney Jacobs & Paul Taylor

“Happy Together” – The Turtles

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When I’m feeling blue…

How does that Phil Collins song go, “when I’m feeling blue all I have to do is take a look at you.” Sitting in my backyard not feeling so great about a particular thing in my life, then I look over and see this.

…then I’m not so blue. It was just what I needed for a boost of encouragement. A look from my pup reminding me it’s all gonna be OK.

Feel free to come back to this photo if you need encouragement, too, and if you are thinking about adopting a dog, you will not regret it. They might become your best buds.

-Out of the Wilderness

Cemetery Photos on a Foggy Morning

I promise I’m not morbid but for the longest time I’ve felt something deeply moving by visiting cemeteries. I even went on a date to a cemetery. OK, that might be a little weird. It was really fun, though, because we had pencils and paper and were able to decipher the dates on some very old headstones. I am fascinated by the dates, especially when they are hundreds of years old. It affects my soul in a good way to think about these lives from times gone by. How was life for them? How did they envision life would be in 2021? What did they do for fun, for work, for rest? 

Sometimes I write about it. Sometimes I also take photos when I find cemetery grounds that have character or just seem interesting to me. Don’t think it morbid to check out the photos below from a recent morning in Nashville, Tennessee. I hope they might make you think about how big the world is, how short life can be, and maybe today you and I can take advantage of the breath we have in our lungs, the beating of our hearts, and the time we have on this planet. 

This first set is from that foggy Nashville morning. After that group are a few more I’ve taken that I love. 

-Out of the Wilderness

Does this count as teasing my dogs?

While I was out running a thousand errands, I stopped by Sam’s Club to pick up dog food. As you know, almost anything you get from a warehouse store like Sam’s is going to be enough food to feed a pack of dogs for a year, so I loaded up dog food for my two pups and might have simultaneously triggered an FBI (Federation of Beagle Investigators) for cruel and unusual punishment. 

How terrible of a dog owner am I for doing this? And you KNOW beagles have a nose that can smell food from a mile away. In my defense, I should get some points for taking them on a walk only a half hour before this pic was taken! Because, of course, the errands I had for today included walking them at a nearby Greenway. 

OK, your turn. Tell me how bad I am and how many treats I owe them for this!

-Out of the Wilderness

DoorDash dash pass commercial – the hound that stole the show!

I recently wrote about the new DoorDash ad featuring a lovable basset hound who holds down the fort while his person is at work. For that post, which reveals the name of the actor and the music, click here. Besides the business side of the ad (dash pass, unlimited deliveries with no delivery fee), the basset hound totally steals the show. Take a look! 

The basset’s name is Roscoe. Thanks to the team who created the ad, Martin Agency, I was connected with Roscoe’s management – Paws For Effect. Definitely go to their website but beware, you will want to adopt every single one of their animal actors, but remember – they’re not up for adoption. They are NOT up for adoption. They’re not up for adoption. Ben, do not email them again, you can’t have them… I keep telling myself that but gosh, I want all of them.

Anyway, much to my delight, I was sent info about Roscoe the basset, which I will now pass along to you. 

He is 8 years old and was adopted as a puppy. He was turned into a rescue for unknown reasons. He was always a good puppy very smart and eager to learn. Over the years he has complied quite the resume. Below is a list of some of his credits! When not on the set Bosco’s favorite pastime is sleeping on his favorite dog bed and sunbathing in the California sunshine. He loves to go on walks and the dog park is a favorite place. Snacks are his #1 favorite thing, and he always gets plenty when on the set. 


Pup Star 2 – movie 
Maytag – commercial
Volkswagen – commercial
Bank of America – commercial 
Natures Miracle – commercial 
Blue Buffalo – commercial
The Unicorn – tv show 
Pup Academy – tv show 

Didn’t Roscoe do a great job? I have hound dogs so I know just how stubborn (and food driven?) they can be, so I am very impressed with Mr. Roscoe’s work in this commercial. 

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