The 3 things I dislike the most about camping

I’ll start by saying I LOVE camping. Since January 2022, I’ve been living and traveling in a Gulf Stream trailer. There have been ups and downs, learning experiences, but the good far outweighs the bad. I actually like that I’m learning new things, too. For instance… figuring out why the water heater doesn’t heat water using electric, changing a tire on the trailer, and much more.

From my experiences camping in state parks, RV parks, parking lots, , fields, farms, and rest stops, I’ve discovered a few things that I really, really don’t like. Here are the top three. In fact, I’m dealing with one as this post is being created (#2 on the list below)!


  1. This first one has happened at a few campsites and it really gets my goat. It’s when my door entry area faces another RV’s entry area. In other words, my neighbor’s site is situated in a way that when they’re outside, they’re facing the door side of my trailer. There isn’t really anything I dislike more than not feeling comfortable entering and exiting my camper and it’s not comfortable when neighbors are watching every move I make.
  2. This is the one I dealt with most recently. Flies. I was camping in a canyon in the midwest and even worse than nosy neighbors are nosy flies! Especially when there are a lot of ’em! No lie, every time I opened the camper door at least a few flies would enter. So imagine having to potty the dogs, use the restroom, go out to hike or bike, and wondering how many flies are going to swarm the entry way and get in. Not cool at all. It was enough to make me want to leave the scenic canyons where I was camping.
  3. I’ve had this happen more times than I’d like… sand or dirt campsites. I guess the idea of a sandy site near the beach or a “all-natural” back-in site under the trees sounds good on paper. But there’s nothing worse that tracking in dirt or sand every time I climb up into the camper. It makes a mess… and that’s on dry days. When it rains? Forget about it! Sand and dirt everywhere, especially if you have pups tracking it in along with your shoes, flip flops, etc. One of the best springs I’ve camped in would’ve gotten more than 2 stars if the site was paved or at least had gravel. It’s a real nuisance.

Even with those frustrating things, I really enjoy getting around the Southeast (recaps here) in my travel trailer. Especially when I come across wildlife like this…

Barred owl, Colt Creek State Park, Florida

The ups make all the downs so worth it. Do you know of any solutions to the problems listed above? Share in the comments below to help me stay sane, along with anyone else who might see this blog and have the same pet peeves!

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-Out of the Wilderness

The Big Error in the Progressive Jon Hamm Commercial

Hello and thanks for stopping by to find out what this big mistake is in one of the Progressive commercials starring Jon Hamm. He’s a great addition to the team, especially with the “love interest” storyline between him and Flo, although Flo is having none of it.

Cbs No GIF by HULU - Find & Share on GIPHY

In his latest attempt to have some romantic time with Flo, Jon has an elaborate setup to ask about insurance regarding a leaky pipe in his upscale high rise apartment. Take a look…

We don’t see Flo enter the apartment but it has to be assumed that she came through the front door, as it’s behind her when she first talks to Jon. Jon’s secret plan to fake the busted pipe falls apart when one of the props catches Flo’s eye (the cardboard TV). Jon confesses he just wanted to see her and she rejects him for the millionth time.

As the crew begins tearing down the set, something occurred to me: the front door. It was part of a fake wall that gets pushed aside by a crew member, revealing even more that the apartment is just part of a set in some kind of production warehouse. But… what about that front door? When Flo arrives, thinking she’s rushing over to help Jon with a home emergency, would she not have walked through the front door? If she had, she would’ve had to walk through the warehouse first. Not down a sidewalk or riding up a condominium elevator like one would expect when arriving at someone’s front door.

I’m definitely reading too much into this but Flo would’ve HAD to know something weird was going on as she walked around cameras and cables and lights and people with clipboards just to get to Jon’s front door.

Am I thinking too much about this? Of course! I’ve never been accused of not overthinking things. But even with this big error, the ad is still funny and I like the banter and tension between Jon and Flo, even if Flo has never once given him any indication that she’s interested in a relationship. Such is the age-old quest of men pursing women, I guess. 🙂

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-Out of the Wilderness

On an Aaron Neville kick

The other day as I was traveling between campsites it dawned on me that I needed to listen to Aaron Neville again. I had forgotten how much I love his voice. Of course, I started out with “Everybody Plays the Fool.” The Neville Brothers have a few songs I wanted to check out, too, and since that notion crossed my mind, I’ve been obsessed with two songs. The first is “Bird On A Wire”. This one actually should’ve been on my list of songs about ‘being free like birds’… 

The next is a song that lists pivotal moments of American history in an emotional ballad. It’s called “With God On Our Side.” 

These two songs helped pass the time as I drove down long, hot Texas highways. Such a treat for my ears while watching Texas pass by is a treat for my eyes. 

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-Out of the Wilderness

God On Our Side

This Dish Network Commercial Will Make You Cringe

Dish Network has a new ad promoting the “all in one” service including live TV and streaming apps in an easy to navigate system. The thing is, the commercial is so cringe! It’s either because everyone is smiling and laughing, the cheesy music, or the acting. The whole thing is cheesier than that Cheez-It who “woke up feeling cheesy, Coach!” Take a look…

The way the grandmother lovingly looks at her family, or how they’re all smiling as they sit down to watch Discovery+, the script needed a rewrite because there is no family in America like the one in this commercial. Not even one. Then a big, slobbery dog jumps on the couch and everyone’s just OK with it?

“All in One Place” is a catchy play on words… Dish Network gives you everything you need for entertainment in one place with the backdrop of the family all being in the same place (everyone you need/love is there with you), but beyond that, CRINGE. Reminds me of the trailer for a freaky movie in theaters later this month…

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-Out of the Wilderness

Dinosaur Valley State Park Camping – Favorite Nature Pictures

Once I went hiking in Dinosaur Valley State Park, I understood why the campsite was nearly full on the weekend of my visit. Campsites had families, older couples, younger couples, Boy Scout troops, all kinds of folks enjoying the beauty within the park… and no doubt to check out the dinosaur tracks in Paluxy River area.

Camping around the southeast started at Big Lagoon State Park in the panhandle of Florida (recap here) and continues into Texas. Did everyone already know Texas is beautiful? Goodness gracious.

While I didn’t see much wildlife outside of a darting deer (too fast to get a picture of), little creatures like lizards and fish, I still really enjoyed the views from the top of the ridge overlooking the Paluxy River. Of course, there are the dinosaur tracks, too, so those are fascinating! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from my time camping at this great park in Texas…

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-Out of the Wilderness

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