Music from ABC’s Big Sky February finale

I’ll start by saying something you might already know from a post I wrote a few months ago about Big Sky… but I’ll say it again:

I. Love. This. Show.

The finale airing on February 16th included a soundtrack trio of oldies but goodies. First up is “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy,” by The Archies. The writers/producers seem to be going with a trend of great (but almost “light”) music paired with heavy scenes. This song played as the villain was escaping from law enforcement after kidnapping a young kid.

Next is classic song is the Everly Brothers “Let It Be Me.” This song played as viewers watched a montage of the characters which have gone to the Great Spirit in the Sky. I like how they sort of memorialized the “good guys” who died, but somehow it also felt like a tribute to the actors playing these parts. I was half expecting there to be a “in memory of…” fading in on a black screen.

The episode ended with a teaser for the next season (starting in April), backed by Martha and the Vandellas “Nowhere to Run.” This song is clearly linked to the suspected murderer/kidnapper Ronald Pergman, but plays over dramatic scenes including familiar characters and a few folks we don’t know yet.

How do you feel about this show and are you as hooked as I am?

-Out of the Wilderness

The WordPress “Classic Block” window pop-up, and other things I don’t understand

For a few months now, when I open up WordPress to start writing about Super Bowl commercials, music, or even hilarious satire, I get this pop-up announcing a new way of putting a post together.

There are two problems with this…

  1. This new style of post is no longer new. They’ve had the “block editor” system for many months.
  2. I reached out to WordPress to find out how to bypass this pop-up, and here was their response.

This feature can not be removed as it is a way to introduce starters to the block editor as part of getting started with a new blog.

WordPress staff

How’s that for a solution? WordPress people, if you’re reading this… please make this pop-up go away! I’ve met the classic block. We’ve become very familiar with each other. I do not need to keep being reintroduced to it.

Other things that I can’t figure out at the moment… my A/C duct work is making a ping sound at random times in the day. Based on research, I think it’s an affect called “oil canning” but I do not have the tools to fix it myself. That is, IF it’s “oil canning.” I may have to call the A/C folks to have them come take a look because just like the WordPress pop-up, it needs to go away.

Lastly, I can barely remember a day in Nashville that was above 50 degrees. We are expecting snow today, which will be fun. But come on, man! I miss the days of old when I could go outside with less than 19 layers of clothes on. Plus, I have a bike I’m dying to ride! I know it will warm up, it seems to warm up every spring, but for some reason this winter has lasted 539 days.

-Out of the Wilderness

In most dramatic episode ever, Bachelor Host Chris Harrison sent home during rose ceremony

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California — Amid controversy surrounding an interview Bachelor empire host Chris Harrison conducted with renowned horticulturist Gina Thornsbury in which Chris suggested that the use of red roses is meant to signify their superiority over other colors of roses, the popular host is facing serious backlash. The interview took place only days after a photo surfaced of Chris tossing a yellow rose into a trash receptacle, while plugging his nose with a free hand in a way that suggests any rose that isn’t red must be inferior and stinky.

Twitter lit up with “Bachelor nation,” as fans of the show are called, and critics alike blasting Chris and show producers who seem to pick roses that all look the same, and always include a few with thorns. Those loyal to the show have had growing concerns that the show has yet to incorporate white, yellow, or pink roses on a more regular basis, some even asking why only roses are used in the ceremonies.

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“Roses are red, violets are blue, why can’t the show include violets, too?” Twitter user @Trinity5932 asked.

Always looking for a way to boost ratings, producers unanimously voted in favor of a twist in the recent Monday night episode of the Bachelor. As current Bachelor Matt handed out roses to possible mates, Chris came out on queue to announce, “Matt, ladies, this is the final rose of the night. Matt, when you’re ready.” It was then that Matt broke from the typical routine, taking Chris by the arm and feeding him to the hangry, savage women who had been standing there for hours. A beat-up Chris Harrison emerged from the frenzy, embarrassed and with clothes torn only to be asked by Matt, “Can I walk you out?”

During his in-car exit interview, Chris admitted that he had fell in love with the attention he got from running this show along with the 17 other spin-off shows he hosts… or more accuratley, hosted. He sniffled as a broken apology came forth, appearing to backtrack on his comments about red roses being superior, but also promising he will seek help from the local botany shop.

Until a permanent replacement can be found, future episodes will be hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

-OTW News

Naked thoughts

I’ve noticed that while I’m showering, I think and talk to God about the day. If I shower in the morning, I think about what I can do that day. I pray to God, sometimes thanking Him for the good things in my life, like warm water and a roof. Other times I wonder what He would have me do that day. I think about decisions that need to be made, and what course those decisions will take my life. Overthink much? Yeah, that’s me!

A shower in the evening brings about thoughts of the things that went on that day, or what might transpire the following day. I guess I would consider it the place where I reset, take inventory, oh and I also soap up and get clean. I feel like that needs to be pointed out, too.

Plus, these showers are glorious for my cold feet. Does anyone else out there have cold feet 99% of the time during winter months? It’s why I wear slippers around the house. It’s why I sit feet-first by the little space heater (if my dogs aren’t hogging it). I’ve even been known to plug the drain so the hot water fills the tub and covers my feet.

All this to say: I am grateful, especially in cold winter months, for hot showers and warm feet.

Hope you have a warm day today, but also stay cool y’all 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness