Au revoir Norvell

As some of you know, I write “frustration posts” about Florida State because deep down I am still upset at the direction the university went back in the mid-2010s after the football team won the national championship. I will *try* not to spiral into what upset me back then, but because my family still loves the Noles and I love college football, I stay mostly up-to-date with FSU.

With that said, football coach Mike Norvell is in his second year with the team and, for this current season, has no wins and four losses. Back in the day, an 0-4 record would be devastating (not to mention, embarrassing) and coaches would have been, if not fired, put on the hot seat with a very, very short amount of time to correct things. Of course, the highest heights were with Bobby Bowden as coach, so one might say the team wouldn’t sink to 0-4 because under his coaching, they only had one losing season (1976, 5 wins, 6 losses).

FSU football hasn’t been relevant in a few years, so maybe there is room for Norvell to turn things around without fear of losing his job, like, say, Dabo Swinney, the Clemson coach who might be updating his LinkedIn profile as we speak! Two losses and only two wins? Yikes. You know something’s funky when Wake Forest is one of the best in the ACC.

Still, though, from my perspective as a football fan and knowing the way things go with top teams (again, FSU is not one), if the team has a losing record this year, I would say Norvell *might* get one more season but, honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the university said, “Au Revoir, Norvell.”

Of course, they would say it with a lot more words in a way that covers their own butt, but either way, he might be gone unless he can get a few wins.

How far do you think the Noles will fall from the glory days? Remember, it was only 8 years ago the team was holding the trophy as college football champions. I guess things can change in a hurry, can’t they?

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CarMax’s fatal error in their Usain Bolt ad

Using a celebrity to endorse a product is nothing new, so it’s no surprise CarMax called on the speedy Usain Bolt to help promote their fast car-buying service. Take a look at the ad below…

There was a lot of potential for this ad to be effective, but CarMax got disqualified (to use a track racing reference 🙂 ) for one fatal flaw in the spot. It overshadows the message, unfortunately. It’s called a false start. In a race, if athlete #1 leaves the blocks before they’re supposed to, and they do that too many times, they get disqualified. 

The woman using the CarMax app finishes her task quickly, sure, but technically she cheated by starting before the race even began. It’s an unfair measure in which she should be disqualified! I know I am probably taking this ad too seriously, but it could have been fixed so easily. Here’s how. Just show the race starting and immediately following the start, the woman finishes with the app. She would win by a mile, no matter how far Usain is running. 

Wouldn’t it be that easy? 

When I see this ad on TV, it really bothers me. I guess we’ll never know which is faster, Usain or CarMax! My money is still on Usain. Sure, the app might be quick, but I’m left feeling annoyed and I’m less likely to use CarMax because of it, especially if they’re willing to not abide by established rules.

What do you think about the ad? Am I being too technical? They could have made a few small changes and really maximized their celebrity endorsement, but instead, this ad false starts and should be disqualified from all televisions. 

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DoorDash Dash Pass Commercial – the Actor, the Hound, and the Music!

What do you get when you combine an adorable basset, a man hard at work, and the convenience of anytime deliveries? Besides a loyal hound, you’d have the elements of a great DoorDash ad. Take a look…

I mean, can you even resist the cuteness of that hound dog? We’ll get to him in a second but first…

The credits. The ad was put together by the folks at Martin Agency, who all deserve a treat and a belly scratch for this great commercial. OK, that would be completely inappropriate, but with this basset starring in the ad, I just couldn’t help myself. So who is this pup anyway? 

Ears for days. The dog in this ad is Roscoe. He is a basset hound, a breed known for their short legs and long ears. I have beagles (also in the hound family, also with big ears) and if you’ve ever had a hound, you know how lovable they can be, but also a bit stubborn, too. So for Roscoe to be such a delight to see on camera, I bet he is well-trained and a great pup. Check out my follow up post all about Roscoe here.

Roscoe’s loyal companion aka the actor. Co-starring in this ad is actor Jayson Aaron. If all he did was perform as expected, I’d say he did a good job. But there was a moment in the ad where his ability to play the part was taken to a whole different level, making his performance not good, but great. It was in the first three seconds when he glances over at the framed pic of his dog. The way he offers a half smile as if to say, “Yeah, I miss you, too, buddy…” was just perfect. If you have a dog, you know this feeling. So Jayson obviously has a soft side, but if you Google him or check out these photos courtesy of his management, he’s got the tattoos to make you think there is more than meets the eye. Be sure to check him out on Instagram (@Jayson.Aaron), too.

Jayson did a great job as the ad wraps up with him arriving home to rejoin Roscoe the basset. I’m sure it was on purpose that DoorDash ends the ad with the happy reunion, reminding viewers that dogs often give us reassurance that all is right in the world.

The Music. This bluesy track was created exclusively for DoorDash by music house Squeak E Clean. Check out more of their original TV ad music here.

How do you feel about the ad? Does it warm your heart to see a hound dog being such a good boy at home, waiting patiently (and also diligently retrieving the packages, of course!)? 

Be sure to follow Jayson Aaron on his Instagram, and Twitter (@_jaysonaaron), and be on the lookout for him in future projects. If you see Roscoe around town (or any dog for that matter), give them a pat on the head and a belly rub if you can!

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Things that make you go hmmm…

Today’s post includes a few things that might make you glad you’re exactly where you are in life. We’ll start with a career that probably lists “give the overall impression that you’re sad” as a job requirement. Maybe it’s because you’ll have to wear some hideous outfits.

Looking so sad, I bet she got a bonus for this photo shoot!

Next is something I discovered while doing a clutter purge in my house. Do you ever find things you didn’t know you had a million of? For me, it was paper clips and safety pins.

Not quit a million, but why I collected these, I do not know. Because I bet it has been a decade since I’ve even thought about using them for anything.

The next one shocked me. I was making an Uber Eats delivery in a downtown Nashville condominium when I saw a reward posted on the wall.

How much is rent if they’re willing to give you $2,000 off the next month!? I just about fainted.

This last one is my friend’s awesome windshield shade. You think a thief’s going to break into a car with this group charming their way into the thief’s heart? Get outta here!

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The perfect sandwich

I don’t often write about food but felt it necessary today to document a lunch that I have enjoyed since childhood. Of course, there have been meals where I didn’t have this sandwich, but it has been my “go to” for decades. Why mess with the perfect combination, right?

Ingredients are as follows:

Peanut butter.



Need I say more? If you have a go-to lunch meal, share in the comments below and I will fight you if you say it’s better than pb&j!

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