Hotel Reviews: Best Western Plus in Scottsdale, Arizona

In a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona I had the pleasure of staying in the Best Western Plus in the nearby city of Scottsdale.This is a classy and upgraded version of the Best Western chain. Before you even step foot in your room, you’ll notice the upgrades, mostly in the details of the wall decor, the professional and friendly staff, and the suite feel of each room. This hotel is in nice location with easy access to great restaurants in the downtown Scottsdale area. The two restaurants we experienced were Majerle’s Sports Grill and Zipps Sports Grill. Majerle’s was hands-down the better of the two, offering great pizza, great burgers, and a sporty atmosphere. Zipps served what tasted like leftover microwave pizza, however the atmosphere was nice. Both had plenty of flat screen televisions to catch the game. That is, if you choose to leave the room, with it’s own large flat screen.There was plenty of closet space, including an iron and ironing board. Again, the drawback for me was there were no robes. I didn’t ask the front desk, so perhaps they were available upon request.The beds were quite nice. The king sized mattresses and multiple pillows were very comfortable and provide a good night sleep. As far as the view, there’s not much to see in the surrounding area so that’s not a reason to book this hotel. Another drawback was the outside room entrance. If you prefer the safety of an inside hallway entrance, this is not the hotel for you.The shower was acceptable. They didn’t try anything fancy (like a rainfall shower), but what they offer is comfortable and effective. Another “plus” to the rooms is the addition of a bathtub. Location might make you a bit uncomfortable, but if you like a hot tub, you will like these rooms.Overall, I give this hotel two thumbs up. The next time you’re in the Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona area, consider giving this hotel a try, I think you’ll enjoy it.



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