Dating Encouragement: For Guys

Go on a date that she’ll remember.

Go on a date that you’ll remember.

I’ve found that when I’m comfortable, she’s comfortable.
So if you don’t like sushi, don’t take her out for sushi!

You’re never too old for nerves to ruin a date.

If you can’t be brave for 20 seconds, be brave for 10.

I’ve learned being nervous can be a good thing.
It means she matters.
It doesn’t mean you’re a loser.

Date as if she’s the first girl you’ve ever dated.

Date as if every girl has always replied to your texts.

When the unexpected happens, make fun of it, and what I mean is make fun from it.

Remember the feeling when you first liked a girl? Find it again.

Believe the girl you’re hoping to find isn’t already married.

Go on a date with a 10.

Go on a date with a 5.

Because let’s face it, you’re a 5 on someone’s scale.

A girl’s not worth dating if she reminds you of scissors: Thin and curvy in the right places, but really, all she’s good at making you feel divided.

Don’t be a desperate single person because then you might end up married.

Believe you’re at least in the same ball park as your dream girl.

I think it’s sometimes better to ignore the signs and swing away.
Then again, a little bit of attention paid does make sense.

If you’re too scared to ask a 10 out, ask a 5 out first. No matter what she says, you’ll probably throw caution to the wind at that point.

Rejection is not a bad thing.
It means you’re 1 girl closer to your best friend.


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