Gun Control

Gun control is all about freedom and more now than ever, it seems that the goverment created for the people, by the people, is passing laws that are limiting good people and their ability to defend themselves against the bad. It has many wondering how long it will be till we need the very thing we’re not allowed to have to defend ourselves against those who won’t allow us to have it.

gunWe’re alive in an interesting time in the U.S. because for the first time, one of the main arguments against stricter gun control is protection from an oppressive government. The implications are that one day, it may come down to who has bigger guns, the people or the people’s government. Is this country hurdling towards some kind of civil war… again? I’m shocked this scenario is even coming up in conversations, and yet, it is and it’s causing me concern. We dont need strict gun control laws. We need people to have strict control of their guns. The events at Sandy Hook Elementary have spooked citizens into supporting the government’s push for more gun control, but guess what? Laws will never make bad people good. I heard a pastor say that once and I firmly believe it. 

One afternoon, I spent entirely too much time searching “Sandy Hook conspiracy” and while I typically doubt crazy theories and unsupported claims, this one in particular seems quite possible. The information I came across combined with the U.S.’s history with the Illuminati is eye-opening to say the least. Was the massacre a conspiracy? I don’t know. But it’s interesting how much the press overlooked in the coverage, and how quickly the government is acting when we all know how slow they are at, say, the DMV.


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