Carnation Instant Breakfast: You’re Gonna Love It In An Instant!

Carnation must love this. They must be eatin’ this up! Here I am a grown man singing a jingle I heard as a small innocent child who didn’t know Carnation was responsible for milk that I had to eat up! Thanks a lot, creators of powdered milk!

Powdered milk… the double-edged sword.

When we were growing up, my brother and 2 sisters each had our dinner assignments. Pray to God that you were at peace with whoever’s job it was to pour the milk at dinner each night, because when the gallon got low, there were lumps. Lumps of powdered milk that didn’t quite mix in. Lumps that were poured into cups. Lumps you didn’t know were there till they bumped your lip. It’ll ruin your day. Unless you’re the one who poured it. That’ll make your week.

Carnation “Instant Breakfast” was also popular in the family. Getting ready for work, or for school, whatever the case may be, CIB was an easy answer. So yay for fast breakfasts, Carnation. It may take a mere instant to fall in love with it, but the love I have for dry milk is not instant, it’s non-existent! It’s non-existent, Carnation!

Drinking straight from the udder,
-Out of the Wilderness


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