The Dentist and the Doctor

I recently went to the dentist and let me tell you, to measure how long it’s been since my last visit, you need not use months. I’m talking years. So I was a bit concerned they’d need to replace all my teeth or worse yet, just tell me I’m too far gone and it would be better to just start over, whatever that means. But I was so surprised when the hygienist complimented my teeth. Here I’d been beating them up for being all crooked and whatnot. Of course, then she proceeded to make my gums bleed (my fault, not hers) by scraping and wait for it… wait for it… flossing! I know. Imagine the horror. But I’ll take it as a compliment that I’m so sensitive, even down to my gums. Now I see gaps in my teeth I didn’t even know existed!

This dentist visit was the day after my family practice doctor said I could sleep in the nude if I wanted. It’s been an interesting week.

Smiling a bit brighter,
Out of the Wilderness


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