Lawless In America

I recently watched a movie called, “The Purge.” It was at Redbox so I thought, hey why not! The plot is sorta like “The Lottery” where Americans handle population growth in a way they think’s fitting. I had high hopes but buzzzzzzer, it fell flat. Very predictable, especially at the end. If you’re up for a quick synopsis, here goes: Once a year, America is lawless. People kill. People steal. Kid has annoying remote control doll. Loving father and husband dies. Family survives.  The end. The mainline I remember from this movie is after the Polite Leader shot his friend for being too abrasive towards the homeowner who is harboring a fugitive…

Polite Leader: Sorry about that. I don’t condone that kind of behavior. Just keep in mind, Mr. Sandin, he was my friend and you are not. Our equipment is arriving soon and we will get him. Send out he, or that, will be thee.

You’ll know it when you hear it. That is, if you watch the movie, which I advise against.

Good day!
-Out of the Wilderness

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