I Owe $5,000

Some things I just won’t ever forget. One is that I owe this junior high girl $5,000. MoneyWell, she was a junior high girl. And I was just a kid walking around in my Starter jacket hoping to get braces one day soon. I’m not sure what the money was for, if she still remembers, or what inflation hikes the rate up to now… 24 years later. It’s funny though. You know how when you’re little everything seems bigger? Like the house you grew up in. If you saw it now, it would look small. This debt doesn’t seem any smaller now that I’m all grown up! $5,000 is a hefty chunk of change whether I’m a 12-year-old in Stafford, Virginia or a grown man in Tennessee. Let’s just hope she forgot, same with that girl I made cry. Man, I sure had a way with the ladies. I make one cry and owe another thousands. Maybe I can sell my Dan Marino rookie card I scored for $23 from Chris back in ’89. It’s gotta be worth more now. Hopefully around $5,003.49. $5,000 for the one friend, and a $3.49 box of Kleenex for the other.
Box Kleenex 43649836

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