My Current Playlist

I figured now is as good a time as any to fill you in on my current playlist. That is, everything that’s not The Head and the Heart. Most of these are tagged through the awesome app, Shazam. Ronnie Milsap “You Don’t Know My Love”… I believe this country song is from 2006. Not sure how I missed it since I worked in country music that year. It’s catchy and just makes me feel good. Probably thanks to the harmonica. Plus I’ve waited around a phone that won’t ring, so I latched on to that verse.

The Wild Feathers “The Ceiling”… first heard this on Lightning 100 in Nashville, which over the course of the year has become my favorite station. This song reminds me of a few other songs that I’ve loved, so obviously I love it, too.
The 1975 “Chocolate”… I can see this song becoming my favorite very soon. Another Lightning 100 spin and I’m thankful I heard it. Something about how they say “petticoat” makes me want to dance.
Deitrick Haddon “He’s Able”… heard this one day driving around Nashville. Gospel music like this cuts right to my soul, and at the same time, I think it’s the musical interpretation of how it would feel to be hidden under the wing of a protector. Know what I mean? Plus it makes me wish I could sing, and that I was black.
Bad Actress “Guide Us Home”… this song plays at the end of Tyler Perry’s movie Temptation. The movie was forgettable, but the song is not. It’s haunting and yet, encouraging. Plus some of the lyrics could be about me!
Jason Isbell “Cover Me Up”… my first experience with Jason Isbell was through a free song from iTunes. That one was called “Alabama Pines.” I make a point of listening to it every time I drive through Alabama. That one was free but both are worth buying. “Cover Me Up” is soulful, heartfelt, and Jason’s got a great voice.

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