I’m lame and print out paper calendars for my schedule at work. Not down to the hour, but just for reminders of what’s happening each day. I have a fun job so my calendar is full of awesome things. But can you imagine if it wasn’t? I bet thatguy thinks of a calendar like this:

C… Can you see how excited I am about all the boring meetings I have scheduled this month?
A… A tree somewhere is thinking, “That’s what I died for? A boring work calendar???”
L… Leave it till tomorrow. It’s onlyyyyy a daaaay awaaaaay. #Annie
E… Enough room to write all the to-do’s for each day? Nope.
N… “Neat cat calendar,” said no one ever.
D… Did Hank do it this way? I’m not sure.
A… All my friends are not printing out their calendars, and they aren’t jumping off a bridge either.
R… Remember, don’t forget to fill out the reminders on your calendar.

-Out of the Wilderness

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