Florida State vs. Auburn

Maybe it’s cliché to say this the day before Florida State plays for the national championship, but if there’s a Seminole bandwagon, I’m on it. Of course if you know me at all, you know that I’ve been a Nole since December 26th, 1978. Just a little baby doing the tomahawk chop in a Key West hospital. Folklore suggests that my first words were, “Scalp ‘em!” but there is no recorded evidence. They could’ve easily been, “Go Noles!” or “How ‘bout them Noles?” or “Gators stink.” My mom came from a family of Seminole graduates (and is one herself) so who am I to question our lineage? Would I stray like the prodigal son by applying to some other inferior Florida college, cough cough Gators, cough cough Hurricanes? Heavens no! So on this, the day before the national championship where the beloved Noles take on “the team of destiny,” rest assured that I will be cheering hard for Florida State. Because hey, at Florida State, if we’re gonna do it, we do it big! Go Noles!

-Out of the Wilderness

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