Wave the Green Flag! (Daytona 500 Part 4)

Aloe Blacc.
Jeff Gordon.
Country music.

Where I come from, rain is a good thing! -Luke Bryan

My sister and I made it to back to the gate entrance a couple hours before the rain started. Of course, we didn’t know it was going to rain at all, so we walked in excited for our first NASCAR race ever.
raceentranceWe scoped out a few lunch options then found our seats in the Turn 2 section and I must say the view was fantastic. All turns except for part of turn 3 were visible so that was a good surprise. We chatted with the people around us who were also from out of town. On the large jumbotron we watched Luke Bryan gyrate around the stage, much to the delight of fans cheering wildly for him to look their way.
lukebryanAfter a short set from the country heartthrob it was time for driver introductions. Shannon went crazy for Jeff Gordon.

photo courtesy of MaryJane Petillo
photo courtesy of MaryJane Petillo

A few minutes later, the national anthem was performed by Aloe Blacc. He did a relatively conservative rendition which was smart given the audience: NASCAR fans that might love the USA more than their own mullets (it’s a close race, though). The flyover was really cool. I caught the second pass of the fighter jets.

So the race began. Jimmie Johnson was basically the last car in the race and Jeffy was in the top 5. Ugh, would I have to endure my sister ragging me all year because of this? I hoped not! We decided to get lunch at lap 40. I miss the raaaiiins down in AAAAAAAfrica! Yeah, because that rain that should’ve been in Africa was directly over Daytona, man. It was lap 38 so when we went to get lunch, everyone went to get lunch.
rainWe were safely under the grandstand and dry, at least for a few minutes. We were in line, and trying to avoid getting wet, for about 25 minutes when the confrontation happened. A gentleman cut in the front of the line, just ahead of me and a couple other guys and this, this is where it got interesting. Check back tomorrow for more!

photo courtesy of MaryJane Petillo
photo courtesy of MaryJane Petillo

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